24 Hours Left on Eureka Kickstarter!

Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy by A.N.I.M. is a neo-noir investigation-focused RPG with a supernatural twist.

24 Hours Left on Eureka Kickstarter!
This is a community submitted press release

Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy by A.N.I.M. is a neo-noir investigation-focused RPG with (as you can probably guess from the title) a supernatural twist. Eureka fills several voids we have noticed in the TTRPG space. Eureka supports investigation to a degree we haven’t seen before, ensuring that searching for clues is a granular and player-driven process, but also ensuring that the whole story doesn’t grind to a halt after one single failed investigation check.

Though most PCs will be mundane humans—or perhaps because most PCs will be mundane humans—Eureka also supports playing monstrous PCs, such as a vampire, in a way we have never seen before. This isn’t just a watered-down stat bonus, it’s like playing an almost entirely different game, with all the monster’s strengths and weaknesses to account for while solving the mystery, plus the added incentive to keep it a secret from the other PCs as well as their players.

If you like or are interested in Call of Cthulhu, Monster of the Week, Dresden Files, X-Files, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Apocalypse Keys, or Gumshoe, you’ll probably find something in Eureka to really enjoy.

Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy has been crowdfunding since April 10th, hitting its base goal in just 3 hours, and as has since then acrued over 400% funding, but, there are still stretch goals to meet, and backer rewards up for grabs!

In addition to helping the A.N.I.M. team fulfill more stretch goals and add more amazing content and art to the most innovative investigative TTRPG in years, you also have the chance to grab some pretty nifty backer rewards! There is of course the standard of recieving the game itself and the adventure modules with it as a backer reward (physical copies will be available too), but at the fifth backer tier, you have the opportunity to put yourself, a friend, or an original character on a random table that determines who (or what) monstrous PCs may encounter when out hunting for their next meal! At the sixth backer tier, you get to write three entires! At the seventh, you get to design your own snoop, the little mascots of Eureka, and have them appear in the rulebook!

And finally, at the highest backer tier, you get all of the above and your own original character, complete with custom character sheet and full-body color illustration, put into the rulebook as an example investigator!

There's just about 24 hours left at the time this article goes live, with the kickstarter closing for good at 2:00 PM CST on Friday May 10th! We have no way to accept late backers, so this is really your last chance to get in on some of these amazing backer rewards before it's too late!

If you want to try before you buy, you can download a free, fully playable beta version from our website or our itch.io page!

If you’re interested in a more updated and improved version of Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy than the free demo you got from our website, subscribe to our Patreon where we frequently roll our new updates for the prerelease version!

You can also support us on Ko-fi, or by checking out our merchandise!

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