We are a three-person team and we are trying our best! Here are some answers to some questions we might be able to answer.

When we update the FAQ, we will note it at the bottom of the page.

How do I subscribe?

Who runs Rascal?

Rascal is worker-owned and writer-led. We are Lin Codega, Rowan Zeoli, and Chase Carter. You can learn more about Rascal (the site) here, and more about the rascals (the staff) here.

How do I get in touch with the rascals?

Our direct emails are: lin@rascal.news, rowan@rascal.news, and chase@rascal.news.

If you want to make sure we know what you're talking about, we have also set up specific inboxes at info@rascal, tips@rascal, fellowships@rascal.news, and press@rascal.news.

You can see the full breakdown on our contact page.

Where does my money go?

Your subscription pays for Rascal. It goes to upkeep, media insurance, and paying for this platform right here. All finances are managed by the rascals, and no outside authorities influence our spending. Eventually, we would like to be able to pay ourselves, but... we'll see how this goes.

Essentially, your money goes directly towards supporting worker-owned, writer-led, independent media. It's a statement about what you value, and the kind of work you want your capital to fund. We sincerely hope we earn it.

I want to give Rascal money.

Subscriptions are the best way to do that. If you want to give us more money, click here to make a one-time donation. If you want to buy a bulk subscription for a business, collective, or publication, email fellowships@rascal.news.

I want to upgrade/downgrade my subscription.

You can do this when you become a Stripe member from your stripe dashboard. Also, if you email info@rascal.news we can take care of it for you.

I have a payment problem.

First, sorry! Technical issues are a bummer. Follow these steps.

  1. Check that your credit card number is accurate and your bank is cool with sending money to Stripe, which is our vendor. Double check.
  2. Email Stripe! We do not have access to your information and can't help much with what's wrong.
  3. Email info@rascal.news and we'll see what we can do!

Do you have an RSS feed?

You bet we do! The full link:


You made a mistake!

You can email corrections to info@rascal.news. We issue corrections and retractions whenever they are needed, and we strike to make our reporting as accurate as possible. Thank you for holding us accountable.

You didn't make a mistake, but I don't agree with you.

We have a comment section for this exact reason. Go nuts.

Will you review my game?

Possibly! You can send a game digitally to us directly using any of our emails (chase@rascal.news, lin@rascal.news, or rowan@rascal.news) or directly to press@rascal.news. We are a small remote team, and if you wish to send us physical copies, you can request our addresses via email.

We discuss all games we receive and pitch reviews internally. We do not guarantee a review of any game, even if a gratis copy is given. (Again, we are happy to accept digital copies, which will hopefully make review access less of a burden.)

Are you accepting freelance pitches?

Not right now. However, we are eager to connect with freelance writers so that when we have a freelance budget (or have found fellowship sponsors) we can reach out immediately. If you would like to be notified when we are open for pitches, please create an account and subscribe to the Writer newsletter, which will allow you to receive announcements for contributors and fellowships directly.

I want to submit an announcement.

Great. We have a whole system. We have documentation. This is a community effort, so unfortunately you can't just send us a press release. Send an email to press@rascal.news and we'll make sure you have everything you need.

Where did you get the audacity?

Outlets like Defector, Aftermath, Hell Gate, 404 Media, and local subscription based news showed us that if we blog hard the readers will come.

We also draw on the long and often contentious history of TTRPG blogs in the game design sphere, which, for a very, very long time, took up the mantle of citizen journalists, as well as offered individuals a way of expressing their opinions about game design and designers. These blogs forged the scene into what it is today, and we hope to carry on that legacy.

These blogs were where many huge and influential bits of tabletop writing were published, and they continue to be, for many of us, how we first learned how to think about game design. Many of these blogs are still around and many more are being established every week. We look to them as a part of Rascal's editorial lineage, and we hope to be considered a part of their tradition.


2/21: Included RSS feed.
3/9: Included upgrade instructions
4/22: Updated "submit an announcement" link