A group of ragtag truth-tellers, a bunch of gutterpunk journos, a band of lost writers who only know how to do one thing. We're the Rascals.

Lin Codega: An entertainment journalist who spent five years on breaking news, their work has appeared in io9, Polygon, and MIT's Immerse magazine. They cover indie games, interview designers, and break news with abandon. In 2023 they were the first to report on Dungeons & Dragons' new Open Gaming License, and garnered an ENnie award and a nomination for the Diana Jones committee. They tweet @lincodega, and can be reached at

Rowan Zeoli: A journalist covering the intersection of progressive thought and niche cultural movements. Her work has appeared in Polygon, Tripsitter, Autostraddle, and The Fandomentals; where she’s covered gender, psychedelics, and the largest developments in actual play, from award winning indie programming to big budget productions. She is also co-founder of convention/non-profit WriteHive. She can be reached at

Chase Carter: A labor and culture journalist with over a decade of experience with daily news, investigative reporting and criticism. He has spent 3+ years covering tabletop at Dicebreaker with an eye towards workers' rights, business and independent artists. He occasionally posts to BlueSky and can be reached at