A Simple Note-Taking app for TTRPG GMs and Players

Access any detail in an instant and keep your TTRPG notes organized.

A Simple Note-Taking app for TTRPG GMs and Players
This is a community submitted press release.

For game masters (GMs) and players in the TTRPG community seeking an organized approach to campaign management, Lore Frog presents a streamlined, user-friendly solution. This web-based app is tailor-made for the intricacies of TTRPG storytelling, offering a simple platform for managing campaign lore, session notes, and various details with unparalleled ease.

Empower Your Storytelling

Lore Frog distinguishes itself with a focus on simplicity and functionality, providing the tools needed to keep campaign details neatly organized and easily accessible. The application supports the creation of cross-linked notes for campaigns, sessions, NPCs, locations, items, and historical events, ensuring that critical information is just a click away.

Features at a Glance:

  • Intuitive, structured note-taking tailored for TTRPG campaigns.
  • Cross-linking capabilities between notes for seamless information retrieval.
  • A generous Standard plan that lets users get started for free.
A preview of the lorefrog.com interface

Your Adventure, Amplified

Lore Frog is dedicated to enhancing the TTRPG experience:

  • Recent Updates: Introduction of tables, record filters, and an enriched user interface.
  • Community Feedback: Ongoing improvements and feature additions driven by an active user community.
  • Premium Plan: Upgrade to unlock image uploads, public sharing, and unlimited records for an even richer storytelling experience.
The differences between the free and paid plans for lorefrog.com

Begin Your Journey for Free

Lore Frog is inviting all TTRPG enthusiasts to embark on a more organized, enjoyable campaign management journey. With the Standard plan, users can dive right into a comprehensive suite of note-taking tools at no cost, and consider upgrading to Premium for additional capabilities that enhance their storytelling and campaign tracking.

Ready to transform your TTRPG campaign management? Start with Lore Frog for free today, and dive into a world where campaign chaos is a thing of the past at lorefrog.com.