Adventures in the Frontier Lands: Old School Adventure Needs Some Original Art

The Fill the Hex Jam is over, but the Adventures in the Frontier Lands project is incomplete. Now it is time to commission some original art.

Adventures in the Frontier Lands: Old School Adventure Needs Some Original Art
This is a community submitted press release.

Created for the Fill the Hex Jam on, The Adventures in the Frontier Lands is a setting and series of adventures for Basic Fantasy 4e. The goal of this Art funding campaign is to be able to hire an artist to make a cover piece and some interior pieces to complete the project. If funding is successful, The Adventures in the Frontier Lands will have art added and remain free to download on, but in addition to the pdf, a near at cost print option will be available through

What is Basic Fantasy 4e? Chris Gonnerman, one of the pioneers of the OSR movement. His game Basic Fantasy has evolved through multiple editions to become the classic style ttrpg masterpiece that it is today, in its fourth edition. Additionally, he has now made the game available for others to publish under through a CC-By SA 4.0 license. Gonnerman releases all of his Basic Fantasy books digitally free of charge and print copies at near at-cost, making it one of the most affordable games out there. With The Adventures in the Frontier Lands, the goal is to follow that model.

However, hiring for original art is not cheap. And while the game module will be released free of charge, it is currently void of art. If this funding can reach its goal of $100, that will be sufficient to hire Gabe Phayt, of Spacerarian, to complete a cover piece and some interior art. If the funding goal can be surpassed, more art will be purchased. No matter how much is raised, a hundred percent of funds will be used to purchase art from human artists for this and/or future ttrpg projects. Gabe's style lends itself perfectly to the black and white aesthetic of classic games and will fit nicely alongside other art familiar to fans of Basic Fantasy, or other popular OSR games.

Examples of art by Spacerarian - Gabe Phayt. Used with permission.

What is in The Adventures in the Frontier Lands? Get ready for some epic old school adventuring in the Frontier Lands. 36 hexes, with six points of interest are ready to be explored. You'll find random encounter tables for all the terrain types, featuring creatures from the Basic Fantasy 4e core book. There are 4 complete mini adventures for players to delve into, with maps. And, there's information and motivations for the various factions in the area, and general sentiments they have towards each other. Finally, there's info on the town of Sunderdale, a central village on a bay with goals to expand.

What do I get for helping fund the project? The Adventures in the Frontier Lands was written by JunkyardTornado, Jason Renslow. Along with helping to bring this project to life, you can get some of his other games by donating towards this art commission. For a minimum donation of $4 you'll get access to pdfs of the following games:

-Teacher Life... Nights!: a paranormal investigation game about the secret night life of public school teachers.

-War Gnomes: a setting and adventures for Cairn about factions of gnomes at war.

-Mad Moose: play a moose character in the 5e of the world's most well known ttrpg.

-Street Curse: a one-page ttrpg about vigilante justice.

-Peace in the Land: a one-page cozy fantasy ttrpg about making life a little nicer for everyone in the town.

Art is such an important part of creating a great tabletop rpg project. This is an opportunity to help bring The Adventures in the Frontier Lands to the next level through adding quality original art!