Amateur Australian Antics front-and-center in the Down Under Dungeon Podcast

We believe the true staying-power of any story is staying authentic and genuine. Adopting the logic of Field of Dreams – if you build a space for people, they will come!

Amateur Australian Antics front-and-center in the Down Under Dungeon Podcast
Logo by Amber McLindin
This is a community submitted press release.
Another TTRPG Actual Play Podcast? Groundbreaking…

G’day! And firstly - I know what you’re thinking. And maybe you’re right, but the TTRPG space is ever-expanding and gaining sustained traction in Australia and New Zealand.

This region has a plethora of diverse, multicultural and Indigenous stories waiting to be shared and explored through what is arguably the most diverse genre: fantasy. While campaign one is undoubtedly a low-budget passion project, we see it as the flagship for our mission at the Down Under Dungeon Podcast – endeavouring to platform and champion new and existing diverse voices in the TTRPG space.

That’s Storytelling Done Different

For Campaign 1, we have gone with DND5e due to its foundations, accessibility and resources. We are hoping to explore more systems (Australian or New Zealand ones?) in the future! We are doing our best to keep episodes to an average of 60 minutes, releasing every Friday morning AEST.

Our players are taking the initiative to write diary entries for the re-cap of episodes. This allows for individual reflection and an insight into the characters’ opinion, story-arcs and perspective on the world and their peers. Campaign one also features original artwork, original music and sound design, as well as an original home-brew setting of Nuadha (Noo-ah).

Theme Music - Created by Georgia Hood and Emerson Cross

The world of Nuadha is born of the question: could there be true utopia in a high-fantasy setting? On the surface level, the existence and exploitation of magic in such settings necessitates certain hierarchies, factions and functional realities. For Campaign One, the Down Under Dungeon Podcast is pondering the impact of time in this context.

In fantasy, some races are immortal, some covet information while other groups and diasporas begin to mingle information over the centuries. What impact does this have on the way the world is viewed? How is magic and the divine perceived differently over time? Can there ever be true progress in the pursuit of power?

Meet the Cast!

Campaign One is delighted to feature such engaged and energetic players. Hopefully, this arc will set the tone for more engaged and diverse voices to be celebrated in the TTRPG space.

Amber McLindin (she/her), playing Lysandra (she/her)

Lysandra - Art by Amber McLindin

Playing DnD has offered a place to come into my own in the frantic world of a young adult. For me, this project is a homage to the depiction of confidence – especially in a world where gender is not a key organizing principle. I want to represent young Aussie women in the TTRPG space in the hopes to influence more young girls to be comfortable expressing themselves, commanding the room and using their imagination.

Playing TTRPGs strengthens your resilience and encourages self-discovery. Playing with others extends this opportunity for exploration, which is especially exciting given the past few years have been difficult for young people to relate and explore face-to-face. In my time at the Down Under Dungeon I hope to tell a story that resonates with many young people – particularly those who struggle with personal agency, a sense of belonging, and holding on to expectations.

Georgia/Lex Hood (any pronouns), playing Lady Louis (she/her)

Louis - Art by Amber McLindin

I am a storyteller first of all. I was raised amongst stories and games and fantasy and it is my greatest joy to share it with others. I hope to create a platform for queer and neurodivergent people and tell stories that resonate with my and many others’ experience. This project represents something bigger than ourselves and it is up to us to bring out aspects of each other so we can shine.

Being the bard in the party, I am excited to create fun musical motifs to complement key moments and emotions within the episodes. Lady Louis herself is inspired heavily by my family and the community that my grandmother built within her life. So, Lady Louis' story is also one of a hardworking matriarch of a chosen family she worked hard to maintain. I am very keen to explore and see the interplay of her past, present and future in the friends she now chooses and the future she sees for Nuadha. Playing an older character is something I have wanted to do for a long time as I take great inspiration in the older members of my family/chosen family. I hope I’m able to make them proud.

Daniel Bugge (he/him), playing Feng (he/they)

Feng - Art by Amber McLindin

Starting this project has been an absolutely wild ride. A background in both education and the arts, as well as a growing sense of dread in this crazy world were probably the driving factors towards convincing myself that we could do this. I have loved fantasy for as long as I can remember, and getting to build characters and tell collective stories whilst immersed in that genre is a dream come true.

Feng feels he owes his Druid circle, The Order of the Eternal Flame, for taking him in when he was young. As a Wildfire Druid, a connection to the land seems inherently contradictory. Fire is destructive, brilliant and rejuvenative. As a queer individual, these stories highlight the spectrum of creativity within a fantasy settings. So while I often gravitate towards themes of family, friendship and community, this way I can still express myself with flare!

Jeremy Serashinge-Watson (hey/they), playing Quigwellan Malladh (he/him)

Qwig - Art by Amber McLindin

Playing since 2020, the highlights of my TTRRPG experience include DnD 5e, Cyberpunk Red, Pathfinder 2e, and Avatar Legends. These games have given me great appreciation of how the abilities of everyone around the table can come together to uplift each other, and create stories more fun and interpersonally resonant than any that we could create as individuals. I aspire to capture and convey this sense of collective creativity and camaraderie.

I believe by showcasing how our individual strengths complement one another, we can elevate the storytelling experience for both us and the audience. My character, Qwigwillin, represents a personal challenge for me. While I've often gravitated towards battle strategies and optimisation in past characters, Qwig pushes me beyond my comfort zone. With him, I'm dedicated to strengthening my creativity and characterisation skills, particularly with Qwig’s use of magic.

Watch this Space!

We believe the true staying-power of any story is staying authentic and genuine. Adopting the logic of Field of Dreams – if you build a space for people, they will come! So if you have a spare hour in the arvo, chuck on the Down Under Dungeon Podcast for some intriguing insight into the world of high fantasy!