Audio Journeys Beyond The Realms of Sanity.

Playing with Madness is a horror/comedy actual play with original music, stories and characters. Join the fun, join the madness!

Audio Journeys Beyond The Realms of Sanity.
An actual play podcast unlike any other
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Focusing on a blend of horror and humor, Playing With Madness Podcast tells original stories using the best game systems in the industry. Over three years and six seasons Playing With Madness Podcast has played games such as Delta Green, Call of Cthulhu, Mork Borg and more. They also play-tested an original game system, Carbon City, by sometimes host Jared Witkofsky, who also creates original art for the show.

The actual play podcast focuses on immersive sound environments, with an original soundtrack made custom for the show. With period appropriate music as well as scene building atmospherics, the show strives to create full, lived in worlds.


Season one is a deranged and epic mystery in a fictional Small Town à la Twin Peaks meets the X Files. Season two is an apocalyptic quest set on the oceans of a dying realm. The third season is a dystopian nightmare about science gone wrong. In the fourth season the heroes struggle to coexist with the world's first sentient artificial intelligence. The fifth season is a historical horror western pilgrimage through the frozen heart of greed and evil. The current sixth season introduces agents infiltrating a decadent and deranged end of the world party.

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While the settings and game styles expand, an expansive shared continuity is developed. Playing With Madness is not only about the games and the improvised story, it is about the players. The listener will be introduced to the expansive history between the hosts. Lifelong friends with countless shared experiences often as deranged as the games they play, the cast honestly allow listeners to join in their very weird, very involved lives and friendships.

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Playing With Madness’s rotating cast features Chris Thiel, Danny Deluca, Andrew Collins-Anderson, Jared Witkofsky, Morgan Just,Chris French, and guests. The show features original music by Jordan Fickel, Pressure Highway, Motoshi Kosako and Tyler Cooke. 

A new episode premieres every Friday at 12 AM, and all past episodes are available wherever you find podcasts. Join the fun, join the Madness, and listen now! You have to.

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