Behold: The Book of Bitter Biles

Behold: the Book of Bitter Biles, an oozing tome of sludge and slime, sizzling with Mörk Borg compatible content.

Behold: The Book of Bitter Biles
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Capture slimes. Generate oozes. Dive into the bile. In The Book of Bitter Biles, intrepid adventurers with robust constitutions and iron stomachs are offered a glimpse into the glop and slop of the less savory parts of existence, through Slime Generation Tables, a Bestiary of Oozing Beasts, a collection of Rare and Unique Slime Items, a particularly gooey intro adventure titled Slime Sommelier, and a Campaign Hook featuring Specialty Slime Capturing Items.

This is not an offering to be missed, but you may want to wear gloves while thumbing through this slime-dripping, phlegm-soaked, ickily illustrated tome by inimitable goo meister Sebastian Barth. Just don't blame us if you end up losing your lunch.

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