Post-human Cartoon RPG Blister Critters Enters Final Week Of Crowdfunding

The game of small creatures after a big calamity hopes to go out with a bang.

Post-human Cartoon RPG Blister Critters Enters Final Week Of Crowdfunding
Art by Anthony Grasso
This is a community submitted press release.

The successful crowdfunding campaign for Blister Critters, a new tabletop roleplaying game from Odd Gob Games and the Stillfleet Studio, is entering its final week on the Kickstarter platform.

Blister Critters is an innovative and surreal game that uses the Stillfleet Studio's Grit system. In Blister Critters, players portray the titular 'Critters', cartoon animals with larger-than-life personalities. In their wacky journeys, Critters wield bizarre mutations called 'Blisters' and physics-bending 'Nonsense' powers. These strange abilities will help players survive in a vast, cruel post-human world populated by fellow Critters and their feral counterparts, Beasts. Luckily, before they disappeared for good, humans left behind a near infinite amount of 'Stuff' (game-mechanic term) which Critters can use to arm themselves, trade with others, or hack apart and reassemble using the game's intuitive crafting rules.

An armored squirrel wields half a pair of scissors
Art by Anthony Grasso

Along with full original art by Anthony Grasso (Odd Gob Games) throughout, the Blister Critters Rulebook features 66 different playable animals for players to choose from as well as 4 'Blister' paths - skill trees for Critters to enhance their abilities as they mutate further.

The Blister Critters Kickstarter campaign offers the Blister Critters Rulebook as well as the enhanced Blister Critters Boxed Set: a premium edition of the game including everything needed to play and enjoy Blister Critters for years after the world's demise!

The Blister Critters Boxed Set includes:

  • The Blister Critters Rulebook—100 pages of cartoon mutant mayhem
  • The Tons-o-Stuff Mega-Poster—a gorgeous, double-sided compilation of the relics of humanity
  • The Blister Critters Booster Pack—48 poker-sized, poké-styled versions of Beasts and Bliffs
  • Blister Stickers—who doesn't want a full sheet of mutant cartoon animal stickers?
  • Blister Critters dice—d4, d6 × 2, d8 × 2, d10, and d12 in brain-bending colors
The contents of the Blister Critters box set: poster, dice, rule book, cards, sticker sheet
Final product subject to change. Art by Anthony Grasso

To celebrate the final week of the campaign and help foster a community around Blister Critters, Stillfleet Studio will be running an all day telethon stream on Sunday, March 03, 2024 from 12:00-18:00 est on the studio's Twitch channel. Stillfleet is also hosting the Critter City Crawl jam on itch which coincides with the campaign and asks contributors to create a single location in a vast post-human city for players to explore as they jump into the world of Blister Critters.

Blister Critters is the latest offering from the Stillfleet Studio, following the successful crowdfunding campaign for their flagship sci-fi TTRPG, Stillfleet, and its expansion, Qadida: Spy Planet.