Book of Devotion: An Artbook & Anthology — Now LIVE on Kickstarter!

A collaborative volume that showcases the work of 49 artists and writers that have created completely new deities and devotees, each of them with their own lore to introduce in your own TTRPG campaigns!

Book of Devotion: An Artbook & Anthology — Now LIVE on Kickstarter!
Cover by Cristigupa.
This is a community submitted press release.

A call in the distance. A prayer. A song. They call for you, our Deities. Are you ready to meet the twelve of Them? Will you follow the steps of their most faithful devotees? Take their hand, and let them step into your world. Open the Book of Devotion.

From the team that brought you Tome of Pacts, you will find that Book of Devotion is a new project born out of our love for fantasy and art. Our artists have worked together in twelve different groups to create and bring you never-seen-before divine beings, as well as twenty-four of their most devoted followers. With 12 deity artists, 24 character artists, 6 writers, and 6 merch artists, our line-up is filled with over-the-top talent and creativity. From all of them, to your TTRPG campaigns.

The Kickstarter campaign launched on the 29th of April and will run until the 13th of June, 8pm UTC+2, and has an initial funding goal of €25.000 with stretch goals to reach!

Cover by Cristigupa. Back cover text by ImNotAMarySue.

The book is 16.5x24cm, perfect bound, +80 pages long, and softcover, with a stretch-goal that unlocks the hardcover. Both front cover and back cover include details in silver foil.

Book of Devotion is not a rulebook nor an expansion for any particular TTRPG system. The characters and entities included in the book can be included in any fantasy setting at the backer’s discretion. It doesn’t include stats nor any specific references to any TTRPG system. This project can be described as an artbook that includes lore-like descriptions of the entities it portrays, god-like and mortal alike.

We also want to make clear that this project was entirely made by humans, and no AI tool was involved whatsoever during any part of the process.

The campaign includes a wide variety of on-theme merch in its multiple bundle tiers (and as add-ons!). Risograph prints, sticker sets, washi tapes, notepads, wooden pins, enamel pins and enamel bookmarks. You can choose a bundle and be happy with it, or customize your own order selecting your favourite rewards as add-ons.

And of course, that’s not all. Stretch goals include more illustrations and stickers, a small iconic enamel pin, another washi tape roll, a manjuu based on one of the deities from the book, digital wallpapers, and even a concept artbook in which you will be able to appreciate even more the hard work put into the book by our creators! 

Moreover, you can also purchase the Tome of Pacts book, our first Kickstarter success, as an add-on in both its physical and PDF forms. In it, you’ll be able to find 24 warlock characters and the 12 entities they form pacts with! As with Book of Devotion, they are also new, innovative, and you will surely want to bring them to your TTRPG groups.

Cover by Cristigupa. Illustrations by Eliot Baum, Planets and Yazmati. Texts by Chewy905 and gothHoblin. Back cover text by ImNotAMarySue.

This might be a long Kickstarter campaign, but remember to back it soon, lest you forget! Back Book of Devotion now!