Cairn 2nd Edition Comes to Kickstarter With a New Take On a Fan Favorite

Are you ready to return to The Wood? Cairn is back with an expanded Player’s Guide, a brand new Warden’s Guide, and more in this exclusive boxed set.

Cairn 2nd Edition Comes to Kickstarter With a New Take On a Fan Favorite
Cairn 2E Boxed Set
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The Wood surrounds and divides the kingdoms and anyone (or anything) that has not yet sworn fealty. The Wood is not one forest, but all forests. The Root is the realm of mystery and horror underneath, and does not care for the petty divisions overground.

Cairn, the DriveThruRPG Platinum Best Selling adventure game by Yochai Gal, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its 2nd Edition. First launched in October 2020, Cairn quickly received critical acclaim for its unique setting and player-friendly ruleset, emphasizing quick, random character generation, tense adventures, and frantic, fast-paced combat. The first edition rules are freely available on the official Cairn website, and should be familiar to any fans of Knave and Into the Odd.

This definitive second edition of the game has been freshly revised and developed, and includes an expanded Player’s Guide, a brand new Warden’s Guide, and a new adventure, Trouble in Twin Lakes, in a robust and lavishly illustrated boxed set packed with useful gaming tools.

The Boxed Set includes:

  • Three books: the revised Player’s Guide, the all-new Warden’s Guide, and Cairn’s first adventure, Trouble in Twin Lakes
    • The Player’s Guide includes 20 new background with 36 unique ways of creating each, for over 700 possible combinations 
    • The Warden’s Guide contains advice and guides on designing and running a forestcrawl, pointcrawl, or dungeon delve, as well as a bestiary, a collection of unique spellbooks and relics, rules for character advancement through personalized quests, and a detailed setting of the world of Vald
    • Trouble in Twin Lakes is a fantasy mystery adventure which tasks players with discovering the secret behind the strange disappearance of several prominent locals in the town of Isthmus. Now, the townsfolk are left wondering: who might be next?
    • A fourth book, the Adventure Anthology, is a stretch goal and will contain three more adventures by prominent TTRPG writers
  • A five-panel GM Screen with custom art by Bruno Prosaiko
  • A pad of tear-off character sheets designed by Licopeo
  • An exclusive heavy-duty collector’s box containing all of the above

The 2nd edition will also feature all-new art by Bruno Prosaiko, Keny Widjaja, Amanda Lee Franck, Roque Romero, and others. The Kickstarter is being run by Space Penguin Ink, an RPG publisher and online storefront specializing in adventures for various systems. This will be their first TTRPG Kickstarter, following closely on the heels of the Forbidden Psalm: End Times Edition campaign they provided logistics for. The campaign launches at 10AM EST on March 27th, and will run thirty days through the month of April, ending on the 26th.