Demo for Tales of Fablecraft, the virtual tabletop RPG, out now

Tales of Fablecraft is a cooperative virtual tabletop RPG set in the vibrant, hopeful world of Mythas.

Demo for Tales of Fablecraft, the virtual tabletop RPG, out now
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Mythas, May 16, 2024 - Calling all adventurers! Today marks your first chance to experience the Tales of Fablecraft demo, which is now available on Steam. Tales of Fablecraft is a cooperative virtual tabletop RPG set in the vibrant, hopeful world of Mythas. It is also a game proudly made by humans, with no AI art or other content created by evil machines trying to steal our jobs. Gather your friends and embark on an adventure with integrated video chat, interactive battlemaps, and incredible digital tools perfect for veterans and the RPG-curious alike.

Is your group GM too busy (or lazy) to plan a proper session? Fear not, as Tales of Fablecraft features an easy-to-follow Game Master Guide that will make even the most unprepared table leader look like a brilliant genius. Step-by-step instructions and drag-and-drop game elements make sessions a breeze, and built-in skill checks and task lists make sure every adventure runs smoothly. Of course, Fablecraft offers flexibility for GMs to build their own adventures and account for the roleplaying shenanigans parties often create.

Players are guaranteed to have a good time with seven available character classes and three distinct combat styles to allow for nearly endless customization. Also, Tales of Fablecraft does away with complicated, convoluted skill checks in favor of simple dice rolls with in-game tools that calculate success or failure. Less math, more fun! Since this is a demo, all the failed rolls don’t count, so just keep shouting “DO OVER!” at your table GM until you get the result you want.

At launch, the demo will showcase a single-player tutorial, the fully-featured character creator, and the first three sessions of the Road to the Starfall Festival adventure. Over the coming weeks, the Tales of Fablecraft demo will receive an update that adds a unique take on tactical single-player combat. In this mode, players can embark on a series of challenging battles against various enemies. After each bout, players can pick one of three skills, letting them mix and match their build and get a taste of what the game’s various classes offer. After you’ve finished vanquishing evil, post your results on social media and challenge friends to see if they can do better (you and I both know they can’t, but you can at least let them have a little false hope).

“I’m thrilled… to take a nap once we launch this game,” said David Hohusen, co-founder and studio head of Riftweaver. “But before that, I’m glad players can get a taste of the game and dip their toes in before launch this summer. The whole team is eager to hear the feedback as fans get to experience Tales of Fablecraft for the first time, and we’re looking forward to Early Access.”

Tales of Fablecraft will launch into Early Access on Steam this summer for free with one fully-built adventure for players to experience. Fans will also be able to create homebrew content at launch, as well as purchase additional premium adventures to continue their journeys. Later this year, the game will also launch on Android and iOS tablets, with mobile support launching in 2025. There are currently no plans to create a Fablecraft metaverse or NFTs, because we know a scam when we see one.