Discover a Gilded World in Decline with Studio Hermitage’s Our Brilliant Ruin, Out Now For Free

"Our Brilliant Ruin" - A Tale of Horror and Intrigue in a Failing Era, Out Now for Free

Discover a Gilded World in Decline with Studio Hermitage’s Our Brilliant Ruin, Out Now For Free
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Studio Hermitage, the transmedia studio founded by veterans from across the industry, is thrilled to announce that their debut project, Our Brilliant Ruin roleplaying game, is now available completely free of charge on DriveThruRPG.Featuring an innovative system of dice pools, Our Brilliant Ruin puts the focus on narrative, with results driven by a character’s motivations and emotions. In Our Brilliant Ruin, the dice aren’t there to tell you if you succeed or fail, but to guide you and your fellow players as you tell your story together.Check out an introduction to the world by Good Time Society here.

Written by industry veterans Justin Achilli (World of Darkness, Assassin’s Creed), Rachel J. Wilkinson (Vampire the Masquerade: Port SagaDune: Adventures in the Imperium), and Pam Punzalan (Journeys through the Radiant Citadel), the Our Brilliant Ruin roleplaying game guides players on their first steps into the ruinous world of the Dramark. 

Inspired by France’s Belle Epoque and the Edwardian Era in the UK, the Dramark is a society with no government, no sense of national identity, and no conventional law, drifting ever closer to an irreversible demise. This decaying society has since divided into three broad factions – the aristocrats, the truefolk, and the unbonded; three archetypes of characters that players can inhabit.

We're looking forward to inviting players into the Dramark and seeing what kinds of stories they tell with its mix of classist social dynamics and existential horror.” says writer and co-founder Justin Achilli, “By offering the Our Brilliant Ruin core rulebook for free, we eliminate the largest barrier of entry so more players can experience this amazing world for themselves.

Today’s free release comes ahead of a hardcover release of the rulebook which was successfully Kickstarted earlier this year and will be available for purchase later in 2024. 

Watch the trailer for Our Brilliant Ruin here.

Download Our Brilliant Ruin for free here.