The Yellow Hand proudly announces the launch of its fantasy role-playing game Draconicus, set in an exciting new world which is richly detailed, illustrated and mapped.

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The Yellow Hand proudly announces the launch of its fantasy role-playing game Draconicus, set in an exciting new world which is richly detailed, illustrated and mapped.

Do Dragons Exist?

The many myths and legends seem to suggest it, and religious scripture tells a tale from the ages before time where the dragons, who had created the world of Draconicus at the behest of the gods, grew so prideful that they built the island of Draconica in their image, inviting the primeval peoples to worship them. The gods, angered by this insolence, sought to punish the dragons for their arrogance, and sent them into a slumber from which they have yet to arise. And still, their reality-altering powers are so strong, they continue to assert their influence on the world, even as they slumber. Meanwhile, the gods – visible in the form of the five moons of Draconicus, their duelling visages dancing across the sky – bring the scorn of Discordum, the Draconican sun, upon the planet, making vast stretches of land completely inhabitable, and causing untold mutations among the wretched creatures living there. Only the island of Draconica appears mysteriously untouched by this wrath of the gods.

The Draconicus Fantasy Role-Playing Game

The Draconicus RPG

The Draconicus RPG is launched as six different books in PDF format, all six of which can also be acquired as a bundled 280p print-on-demand book, in soft- or hardcover.

  • BOOK 1: An Introduction to Draconicusa 70-page book detailing the world of Draconica, which can be used as the foundational setting for the Draconicus RPG, or used separately, as an environment for any fantasy RPG.
  • BOOK 2: Draconicus Player's Handbook – a 66-page book of game rules for players and GMs, covering character creation, capabilities and tasks, combat and magic.
  • BOOK 3: Draconicus Game Master's Handbook – an 82-page book of game rules and campaign materials for the GM, establishing the world beyond Draconica, the patchwork of environments that make up the world (including the scorched and deadly Wastelands), rules for how the powers of dragons affect the world, scores of adventure hooks, price lists of equipment and weapons, and treasure rules. 
  • BOOK 4: The Darkest Dreaming – A  22-page introductory adventure pitting the Player Characters against a curious mystery taking place in the remote village of Ineris, where supernatural forces converge to set villagers upon each other.
  • BOOK 5: Draconicus Bestiary – A 28-page book of creatures and monsters, richly illustrated and replete with fasnicating background information and full stats. 
  • BOOK 6: Encyclopedia Draconicus – An alphabetized reference booklet listing important details and features of the setting, and providing helpful pronounciation guidelines.  
  • Also available as a free download is a large full-color poster which contains a detailed map of the island of Draconica, surrounded by interesting factoids about realms, tribes, guilds, trade routes, and schools of magic.
  • A printable 2-sided character sheet is also available as a free download.
The Draconicus Fantasy Boardgame

The Draconicus Boardgame

The Draconicus RPG is designed to be used in tandem with an accompanying boardgame, which is ready for production and will be released on Kickstarter later this year. The boardgame, centered around the competitive completion of Quests, has undergone extensive playtesting and provides an easy step-in experience for the RPG, but can also be played on its own, solo or with up to 6 players. Playing time varies between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the number of participants. View an intro video here.

More information

More information about the Draconicus RPG and boardgame can be found at Draconic.us. The RPG can be purchased today at DTRPG.com. Watch an unboxing video of the RPG here.


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