Dungeons & Datemates: 12 Romance NPCs to facilitate character growth & roleplay

These 3-dimensional NPCs will give your character more than a surface-level relationship! Evolve together on and off the battlefield. Explore the heart of your character through romance! (system neutral & 5e)

Dungeons & Datemates: 12 Romance NPCs to facilitate character growth & roleplay
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Are you enticed by the companion romances in Baldur's Gate 3? Do you also have a player who believes "D&D is a dating sim"? What would you do with this ~120 page deep dive into 12 dynamic and evolving allies for your adventuring party?

This supplement is designed to provide the inspiration for rich romantic subplots. Datemates come with complex backstories, baggage, and motivations, all designed to spark interpersonal drama and encourage player character development. While their roleplay and romance guides are system neutral, each Datemate also comes with a dnd 5e compatible stat block - which scales to the party's level!

This campaign funded in 30 minutes on Kickstarter, and now we're working on stretch goals! We've decided to fulfill digitally, so we can do so two weeks after the campaign ends and prioritize accessible formatting. Watch the video below for more information. First, an overview and a 20-page free sample:

Enjoy character-driven romance with 4 guys, 4 gals, and 4 nonbinary pals! Compelling backstories, commitment hangups to overcome, original human artwork, level-scaling 5e stat blocks (along with signature items or animal companions), & more. Delivered digitally two weeks after the campaign ends.

The Datemates includes 4 guys, 4 gals, and 4 nonbinary pals! While sexuality is not specified for any Datemate, we are committed to representing and providing a diverse group of cuties.

The core product is 12 NPC companions with original art, rich backstories, roleplay guides, story hooks, and 5e stat blocks that scale to stay relevant as the party levels up. Datemates come with their own flaws and motivations, so a successful courtship is built on shared character growth.

  • Woo through three romance stages: Flirting, Baggage, and Dating. Each character has a Game Master guide to all three stages and general roleplay! 
  • Dating includes Gift Guides – useful and sentimental presents that the Romance NPCs give to player characters – and Sample Romance Scenes.
  • Having hit our first stretch goal means we will include a signature item or animal companion (yes, Luca's Cerberanian!) with 5e mechanics for each Datemate. Our upcoming stretch goal is Sci-Fi Variants!
  • Add-Ons include coloring pages, a VTT icon pack, the Adventure College Student Handbook, the Teacup Dragon Companion, character sheets with the art embedded for those who want to play as a Datemate, custom Datemates, and more!

Free Sample!

Click here to download a free sample! It includes everything except the 5e mechanics for Flora and Luca, pictured below. 

Backers Vote!

Each Datemate will be profiled in a campaign update, where backers will be able to comment to vote on an aspect of the Datemate's details and/or art: Doggg's final name, the lamia's tattoos, etc.

The campaign runs until May 16th on Kickstarter! Go invite these cuties to your table!