Emerge Into the Brilliance of the Sun

Embark on a journey into a world shrouded in mystery and reborn in light with Iz'Areth, a Campaign Setting for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Emerge Into the Brilliance of the Sun
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Embark on a journey into a world shrouded in mystery and reborn in light with Iz'Areth, a Campaign Setting for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in which players and Game Masters alike will discover a realm brimming with ancient secrets, innovative technologies, and divine intrigue. The setting masterfully blends themes of darkness and horror with the resilience of humanity and the wonders of fantasy.

In the wake of a long and devastating darkness, the world of Iz'Areth emerges into a new era of light and discovery. For 236 years, the sun has graced the lands once more, illuminating a realm teeming with ancient mysteries and newfound wonders.

Amidst the scattered ruins of forgotten civilizations lie Luminous Shards—gems of radiant power that fuel the rebirth of technology. From airships that traverse the skies to self-driving carts that roam the roads, these shards have ushered in an age of innovation and exploration.

Yet, as the people of Iz'Areth delve deeper into the secrets of their past, they uncover remnants of a time long lost. Unexplored cities beckon with untold treasures and untamed magic, while whispers of the old gods' fall linger in the winds.

In this time of upheaval, the ascendant new gods, led by the enigmatic Riegan, watch from afar, wary of intervening in mortal affairs. But as factions vie for control of ancient artifacts and the power they promise, the boundaries between the mortal realm and distant planes grow thin.

Venture into the realms of Iz'Areth, where light and shadow dance amidst the ruins of a forgotten age. Forge alliances, uncover the truth of the past, and navigate a world poised on the brink of rediscovery and peril in this Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign setting unlike any other.

Players will meet all new races in Iz'Areth. Including, but not limited to:

  • The Antoph: Highly intelligent bee people whose fearsome reputation precedes them. Their advanced society and unique abilities make them both fascinating allies and formidable foes.
  • The Ursark: Spiritual polar bear people who survived centuries frozen in ice. Their ancient wisdom and stoic nature provide a compelling narrative of endurance and adaptation.
  • The Treefolk: Charming creatures who transform into trees upon death, adding a cycle of life and rebirth to their culture. Their enchanting presence and the ecological significance of their transformation enrich the world's biodiversity.

Plus more races to explore!


Iz'Areth invites players to explore a rich and immersive world teeming with possibilities. With detailed lore, captivating locales, and a wealth of adventure hooks, this campaign setting offers endless opportunities for epic storytelling and thrilling gameplay.