From Board to Screen: Maximum Apocalypse Video Game Hits Kickstarter & Steam

The transition from board game to digital format is a dream realized.

From Board to Screen: Maximum Apocalypse Video Game Hits Kickstarter & Steam
A nurse, firefighter, and survivalist in a desolate wasteland with the logo for Maximum Apocalypse: The Video Game superimposed on the image.
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In the intricate dance of survival and strategy, the hit tabletop game Maximum Apocalypse is digitally reborn. Rock Manor Games, in collaboration with Mega Cat Studios, is excited to announce the Maximum Apocalypse Kickstarter campaign is live and fully funded. We are also revved up for the upcoming Steam release coming soon.

Initially launched via Kickstarter in 2017, Maximum Apocalypse captivated players as a 1-6 player board game, drawing heavily from its creator’s deep-rooted love for video games. The game skillfully blends roguelike, adventure, and strategic gameplay elements into an immersive tabletop format. “The transition from board game to digital format is a dream realized, merging my two passions and allowing us to explore this apocalyptic universe in new, dynamic ways,” says Mike Gnade, the game’s designer.

Maximum Apocalypse: The Video Game invites you to navigate a post-apocalyptic world filled with perils such as zombies, mutants, and catastrophic environmental events. Stepping into the shoes of post-apocalyptic survivors, players must scavenge for supplies, overcome terrifying adversaries, and survive against all odds. Maximum Apocalypse provides fresh challenges and objectives for each session, ensuring a continually engaging adventure across a variety of post-apocalyptic scenarios.

Players can choose from multiple characters, each offering unique play styles and abilities, enhancing both solo and multiplayer gameplay options. Whether playing alone or joining forces with fellow survivors locally or online, every session demands strategic planning and quick thinking.

The Kickstarter campaign not only supports the video game's development but also offers backers exclusive rewards, including a Limited Second Edition of the original board game and early access to the digital version. The Steam launch, scheduled for later this year, promises to bring the apocalyptic challenges of Maximum Apocalypse to a global audience.

Key features of Maximum Apocalypse: The Video Game include:

  • Fresh Gameplay Every Session: Each mission brings new challenges and objectives, keeping the apocalypse exciting.
  • Unique Scenarios: Battle your way through diverse post-apocalyptic landscapes, each presenting a different struggle for survival.
  • Choose Your Survivor: Select from a roster of seasoned survivors, each with their own playstyle and strengths.
  • Explore, Equip, and Conquer: Scavenge the wasteland for resources, craft weapons, and fight off monstrous threats.
  • Single or Multiplayer: Brave the apocalypse solo or team up with friends locally or online!

For more information on Maximum Apocalypse: The Video Game and to stay updated on the latest news and announcements, check out the Kickstarter and Steam pages. For further assets, inquiries, or interviews, please access the Presskit or feel free to contact:

About Rock Manor Games:

Rock Manor Games is a small independent game studio founded by Mike Gnade as a creative outlet for his game projects, prototypes, and ideas. The company is committed to creating innovative and immersive gaming experiences that captivate players and push the boundaries of the medium. Rock Manor Games continues to be a driving force in the tabletop gaming industry.

About Mega Cat Studios:

Mega Cat Studios is an independent video game development studio dedicated to creating retro-inspired games for modern platforms. With a passion for pixel art and classic gameplay mechanics, Mega Cat Studios aims to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences that capture the essence of gaming's golden age.

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