GEAS: An Exciting New Role-Playing Game

"Finally, this is the PERFECT game to get my whole family into gaming!"--Playtester, Gary Con 2024.

GEAS: An Exciting New Role-Playing Game
This is a community-submitted press release.

GEAS is an upcoming new RPG by award-winning and ENNIE nominated designer yours truly, Roderic Waibel, launching on Backerkit August 1st.

The game is designed to focus on a few core goals:

  • Eliminate as much math as possible during play.
  • Offer a ton of flexibility and customization.
  • Be easy to learn, teach, and play.

This is achieved by using a dice pool system. In a nutshell, the number and type of dice in your pool is predetermined ahead of time (skill, weapons, etc.). You roll your pool and see how many of your dice beat a target number (usually the highest die of an opposed roll). Done! No adding or subtracting a bunch of modifiers. Not only is this faster, it's also more flexible, as you can trade in your dice for others. You can trade 2d6 for 1d8 if you want a better chance of getting at least one success. Speaking of successes, you can use those for extra cool results beyond just more damage if you get more than one.

We've all been there, where a player is bored waiting several minutes for their turn. Maybe you've been that player. GEAS addresses this by keeping players engaged all the time.

Player Options and Customization

GEAS is a skill-based system rather than a level-based system. When you are awarded experience points, you use those to purchase new traits. This allows you to fully customize your character how you want, rather than a pre-determined power bump in a level-based system. Check out the Banneret specialty below!


GEAS CRUX is an even more streamlined version of the game, simplified into a single 6"x9" book. This is a perfect version to learn the game, to teach younger or new players, or for those who want a very rules-lite system.

Backer Bonuses

Backers within the first 48 hours will get a digital copy of Revenge of the Rat King for free!

All backers will get an exclusive profession and ancestry that won't appear in the core game!