Goth Borg: The $2 Gothic Horror Supplement for Mork Borg, D&D5e, and PF2

A $2 Gothic Horror Setting, and supplement for Mork Borg, D&D5e, and PF2e 🦇

Goth Borg: The $2 Gothic Horror Supplement for Mork Borg, D&D5e, and PF2
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Explore the forbidden uncharted lands of Druekar, ruled by a spawn of hell: a vampyr

For the low price of 2 dollars get a full-on Gothic Horror supplement for your games. Taking inspiration from the Mork Borg style, this supplement brings everything you might want from a gothic horror setting not only for Mork Borg, but for D&D5e and Pathfinder 2e as well. Monster stat blocks, adventures, and a fascinatingly terrifying art style await you in this PDF. You will not want to miss this chance.

Launched for ZineMonth in Crowdfundr from Feb 1st to March 2nd.

Goth Borg is an entirely new and innovative supplement for you to import into any of your favorite games, be it D&D5e, Pathfinder 2e, or Mork Borg from the mind of the Argentinian monster designer Tomas Gimenez Rioja. In this 35+ page collection of zines (one zine for each system), you will encounter a plethora of terrifying monsters from all your favorite gothic horror tales, and much more! Fight sinister boss monsters with despicable new mechanics, and explore the forbidden uncharted lands of Druekar, now ruled by a spawn of hell: a vampyr.

The Vampyr Queen extends her hand towards the viewer, with a creepy smile in her face. She wears victorian clothing
Queen Ludmille, The Vampyr Queen


  • 15+ new monsters for your game of choice
  • More than 3 Boss Monsters (with special rules!)
  • 3 New Optional Mork Borg Classes
  • New Gothic-Themed Powers and Spells
  • A New Gothic Setting to Explore Under the Rule of the Vampyr Queen
  • An Introductory Adventure

Wanna Check Out a Demo?

A demo of the product can be found on the campaign page, showcasing how the end product is intended to look and feel. Take a look at it here: Quickstart

Puppet with a creepy face laying down on their knees, looks creepily towards the viewer.

Stretch Goals

Among the stretch goals are the following:

  • $250 - Goal
  • $350 - Two extra Boss Monsters
  • $500 - Five more Monsters
  • $1.000 - One extra adventure
  • $1.500 - A new D&D5e and Pathfinder 2e Gothic-Themed Subclass
  • +$2.000 - More stretch goals!


  • $2 - Goth Borg PDF (Mork Borg) + Goth Borg PDF (D&D5e) + Goth Borg PDF (Pathfinder 2e)  (No Stretch Goals included)
  • $4 - Previous pledge + All Stretch Goals
  • $7 - Previous pledge + Playtest packet
  • $10 - Previous pledge + Copy of Stuck & Wretched
  • $12 - Previous pledge + Copy of Uncharted Hearts
  • $15 - Previous pledge + Copy of Escape From the Meat Slasher
A Frankesteing monster-like entity with numerous pieces of meat sewn together looks menacingly at the viewer, morningstar in hand
The Meat Amalgamation

What People Are Saying

The monsters look like the perfect blend between the Mork Borg style of brutality, and the refined gothic horror genre. I love the idea of making it for D&D and Pathfinder as well using the picturesque Mork Borg style. I’m excited to see how the stat blocks for the three games will end up looking, as well as the art of all the other things in the zine!
- Gothic Horror lover at Big Bad Con 2023

From Tomas Gimenez Rioja

Tomas Gimenez Rioja is the Argentinian (Global South) Lead Monster Designer of AxoStories’ upcoming Circus Borg, monster designer for Tribality Publishing’s Seas of Vodari, and Under the Seas of Vodari, and lore writer for Paizo’s upcoming Divine Mysteries official supplement. When he is not working on that, he is collaborating on TTRPG projects as a freelancing game designer, writer, level designer, or project manager. Additionally, Tomas works on his own supplements and games, such as the recently released collaborative storytelling card game What Is It That Lies Beyond The Immenseness of the Dark?

You can follow Tomas' work on most social media platforms by the handle @TGimenezrGM (BlueSky, Twitter, Twitch)

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The Dhampir Prince