Gothic 5e Location Guide, Mausoleum, Launches on Kickstarter!

Kickstarter campaign for Crow and Crown’s Mausoleum, a Gothic 5e Location Guide Fully Funded on First Day

Gothic 5e Location Guide, Mausoleum, Launches on Kickstarter!
Mausoleum from Crow and Crown Launches on Kickstarter!
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This brand-new gothic location setting utilises the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition system to immerse players in the dark, horrifying city of Gravehallow. The campaign offers pledge levels for every budget, from a PDF version at £20 to the Crypt Collection that includes the exquisite physical version of Mausoleum, the PDF and a plethora of other physical accessories like a printed map of Gravehallow illustrated by renowned artist, Sveta Dorosheva at just £99. For the true collector, the £350 Grave Goods Bundle pledge tier includes everything in the Crypt Collection, as well as the chance for backers to have a set of three custom matching magic items created!

Explore the bone-chilling city of Gravehallow with our comprehensive guide, detailing its rich history, politics, and current events. Discover over 25 unique locations, each with their own adventure prompts, NPCs, and combat encounters. Experience a fully-described postdeath journey to the Underworld, complete with trials and judgements for the most daring players. Seamlessly integrate Gravehallow into your existing campaign with our helpful guide, regardless of its current setting.

Meet 40+ fully fleshed-out NPCs, each with unique agendas and quests, and engage with two vampiric knights and death-seeking scholar organisations. Enjoy new subclasses, including the Rose Knight and the Thanatologist, and the Chain Specialist fighting style. Equip your players with new core weapon types and immerse them in 30 unique creature encounters. Celebrate the city's culture with two annual festivals and monthly markets offering unique magical items. All this is beautifully illustrated with 60+ artworks and meticulously mapped by renowned illustrator Sveta Dorosheva, enriched with real-world history and mythology to inspire your adventures.

Crow & Crown is well-acquainted with success. Their previous crowdfunding venture, Herbarium: A Botanical 5e Supplement, not only reached its funding goal early but also became a worldwide hit on their webstore and a convention favorite at numerous shows across the UK. Find more information on Mausoleum on the Kickstarter campaign HERE.

Find more information on Mausoleum on the Kickstarter campaign HERE.