Hellpower - something more than just "The Boys" and "MÖRK BORG" mash-up!

When hell opened its gates and granted people superpowers, guess who was chosen to wield that might? Murderers, thieves, sociopaths, CEOs, and other really, really bad people.

Hellpower - something more than just "The Boys" and "MÖRK BORG" mash-up!
This is a community submitted press release.

Hellpower is a rules-light TTRPG about normal people living in a world dominated by evil super-powered individuals. Think The Boys, but crank it up to 11, add MÖRK BORG rules and philosophy (but break both here and there), and don’t forget a drop of Spawn. Inspired by the above with its own spin on the superhero genre, Hellpower is a bleak, apocalyptic, intense tabletop RPG with enough black humor to make you laugh when your character is ripped apart by a bored villain who was just passing by.

Written and designed by Paweł Kicman, creator of CORP BORG and Kill Your Necromancer, supported by an ensemble of amazing artists including Kamil Karpiński, Michał Gaworski and Strega Wolf van den Berg, this is a game you don’t want to miss.

Hellpower is:

  • 100+ pages, full color, full of crisp art,
  • Hardcover, high quality paper, high quality printing,
  • Modified MÖRK BORG rules, with the same feeling of despair,
  • Lore of the world at the brink of armageddon,
  • 6 archetypes and a comprehensive character creation system,
  • 10+ superpowered evil entities to bring down,
  • Full of weaponstricksrandom tables and all that stuff,
  • Introductory adventure,
  • And more!