Just Released! Stirring the Hornet’s Nest at Het Thamsya

$1 launch sale till 31st March 2024

Just Released! Stirring the Hornet’s Nest at Het Thamsya
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$1 launch sale till 31st March 2024

“You folks can help, yes? We are at our wit’s end.”

Sumgan, the acting abbot of Het Thamsya, nervously plays with the prayer beads in her hand. You see that the beads are worn and lustrous from years of use.

Stirring the Hornet’s Nest at Het Thamsya is a new TTRPG release that sees players explore the temple of Het Thamsya, the school dedicated to the Automata Path of Enlightenment. 

The abbot of Het Thamsya is in grave danger. He has been in meditation for 10 years and a nest of giant wasps has taken over the temple. Help rescue him from a temple of automatons, giant wasps and human-wasp monstrosities. But don't wake him up! 

A Southeast Asian inspired robot, looks like it's designed after a tortoise.
A tortoton, an automaton guarding the temple.

Will the abbot survive? Will the temple still stand? Will there be hornet inspired mecha? You decide!

Example pages of the adventure
Pgs 4 and 5
Pgs 6 and 7

Written with Cairn and Into The Odd rulesets, the game contains:

  • 28 pages of temple-crawling adventure for tabletop role-playing games
  • A one-shot adventure, unless folks take really long then maybe two-shot.
  • Automatons: Learn to trick them, learn to command them 
  • Wasps and automatons, anything in common? Come find out! 
  • Over 30 pieces of original artwork, made by non-automaton labour
  • High-resolution unlabelled map files, including one erroneous map

Stirring the Hornet’s Nest is set in Kala Mandala, a fantasy world centred on Southeast Asia. 

Pgs 8 and 9

It is the first TTRPG adventure written and drawn by Munkao, the artist and game designer behind Malaysian games studio Centaur Games. 

Retailing for $5.99 but currently priced at $1 until 31st March 2024!

Now available here at DTRPG as well as Itch.