Monte Cook Games Announces Knights of Dust and Neon

Monte Cook Games Announces Knights of Dust and Neon...

Monte Cook Games Announces Knights of Dust and Neon
Gunslinger Knights traverse a barren landscape shaped by relics of the past.
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Gunslinger Knights: Biker Knights pause on a red escarpment to survey the terrain
Neon Rain: a near future, neon lit street. Combat is in full swing as the rain pours down.
High Noon at Midnight: A vampiric looking gunslinger laughs as chaos erupts around him

Strange, dark times call for strange dark heroes—and these three new Cypher System titles deliver!

Monte Cook Games, the RPG industry leader in innovative and exciting crowdfunding campaigns, will launch three action-packed Cypher System titles through the Knights of Dust and Neon crowdfunding campaign, coming in March.

Each of these titles—Neon Rain, High Noon at Midnight, and Gunslinger Knights—will come with innovative supporting products that expand the experience with new adventures, setting content, creatures, characters, and more. These extras are being created specifically for the campaign’s backers, and may not be widely available after the campaign. Look for even more exciting expansions to be unlocked through stretch goals!

Cypher System fans will also clamor for new premium accessories, similar to the sorts of high-end items previously offered with the Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game and The Magnus Archives Roleplaying Game—but now being created for GMs and players of any Cypher System campaign. And with pledge levels specifically built for those new to the Cypher System, Knights of Dust and Neon will have something for every RPG gamer.

The Cypher System is on a roll, with additional exciting announcements to come before and during the Knights of Dust and Neon campaign. Keep an eye on the MCG website or social media for major announcements in coming days and weeks!

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