Need an Upgrade for Game Night?

Adventures Await: Arcane Armaments has everything you need to spice up your usual D&D night from magic item cards to modular dungeon tiles and so much more.

Need an Upgrade for Game Night?
Adventures Await: Arcane Armaments is live now on Kickstarter!
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You find yourself standing in the evil lich's laboratory, his shattered form lying at your feet, the last of the vile arcane energy that had once sustained him evaporating back into the ether. As you survey the room for the first time properly since you charged in, blade held high, you notice an ornate chest tucked away against the far wall. You slowly approach it, lift the lid, and find... a +1 sword!

Seriously? After all that work? Talk about a let down!

That's what Adventures Await: Arcane Armaments sets out to fix. No more boring loot. No more Bag of Holding full of random items no one wants. Loot should be exciting, impactful, and rewarding. With over 200 brand new items available in PDF, hardcover, VTT, or tarot card form, looting the bodies will finally be fun once more. The collection includes 50 new weapons (including some often overlooked types such as clubs and sickles), 50 new armor types from padded to plate, 50 unique magical focuses that augment your spellcaster's class abilities, and 50 strange and exotic wondrous items that add much needed versatility to your characters (or possibly your enemies).

Item cards, dungeon tiles, poster maps, VTT integration, and so much more!

Designed by Benjamin Palmer of Adventures Await Studios and illustrated by the incredibly talented Meditating Munky, these items form the base of a new Kickstarter campaign that just launched on June 11th. It offers not only new magic items, but also modular dungeon tiles for generating crypts, caves, temples, and more, huge 36" x 44" poster maps of unique and interesting locations, and full VTT integration so no matter how scattered your party may be, no one misses out on the adventure.

If you back at their All-In tier (currently 20% off until 6/14), you even get to design your own item with the creators! Need a powerful macguffin for your party to chase across the planes? How about a reward tailored to a specific character? Maybe you just want a joke item to prank your players with? No matter your needs, they've got you covered.

Adventures Await: Arcane Armaments is a breath of fresh air in the 5e space. In a world where AI is increasingly encroaching on the creative arts, Benjamin and Munky are proud to offer hand crafted content they've poured blood, sweat, and tears into (oh so many tears). So, if magic items, phenomenal art, handcrafted adventures and everything else they're offering sounds like your cup of tea, make sure to check out their campaign HERE.