Nibblemancy is LIVE on Kickstarter

This sequel to the ENNIE-Nominated Intoximancy puts a new spin on 5E wizards

Nibblemancy is LIVE on Kickstarter
This is a community submitted press release.

Nibblemancy is the latest zine from creator Steve Conley (Intoximancy, Death Dealing, The Prayer’s Handbook).

Nibblemancy contains everything you need to add a cooking and baking wizard subclass to your 5E game! As a Nibblemancer, your wizard is a magical chef with new spells, recipes, and abilities. And because the powerful baked goods they craft require an iron stomach, your wizard’s Constitution, not their Intelligence, is their spellcasting ability.

“At many tables, if your wizard doesn’t have an 18 or better intelligence, then you’re, ‘playing the game wrong.’ But a high Intelligence score can have roleplaying implications the way a high Dexterity or Strength don't,” says Nibblemancy creator Steve Conley. “Nibblemancy gives players a chance to play a different kind of wizard, one who perhaps thinks - not with their brain - but with their gut.”

Depictions of the Nibblemancy PDF, zine, hardcover book and Nibblemancer miniature.
Nibblemancy is available in PDF, zine, and deluxe hardcover formats. And there’s a Nibblemancer mini as well.

Included in the book…

  • Rules for the Nibblemancy wizard subclass
  • A guide for creating each Nibblemancer's unique Cookbook - a magic item which levels up and gains powers as the Nibblemancer does
  • Nibblemancy Recipes which provide buffs and unique abilities to the Nibblemancer and their allies
  • Bonus recipes available just to multi-classing Nibblemancers with unique recipes for each class combination
  • New spells and cantrips like Chef’s Kiss and Savory Barbs 
  • New magic items like the Bubbling Cauldron and the Apron of Protection
  • New creatures like the Gelatinous Dessert and the Critical Roll
  • BONUS: New Intoximancy spells including Hair of the Dog and Thirst Trap

Everything in Nibblemancy is written, illustrated, and sculpted by Steve Conley. When not making RPG supplements, Steve is a cartoonist and creator of the acclaimed fantasy webcomic The Middle Age ( Steve’s other comic book work includes illustrating projects like Star Trek, Adventure Time, Fionna & Cake, TMNT, and Michael Chabon’s Escapist.

Steve followed up Intoximancy with Death Dealing: A Deadly Card -Throwing Rogue Subclass in 2023, and the recently released The Prayer’s Handbook: The Meta Domain Cleric. Steve’s previous 5E projects are available as part of the Nibblemancy campaign.

Steve’s first RPG project Intoximancy - which received a 2023 ENNIE nomination for Best Supplement - was released just weeks before the OGL crisis.

“I thought my first RPG project might also be my last,” says Steve, “Thanks to the journalism of Lin Codega and a vocal, united RPG community, the SRD found its way into the Creative Commons and I’ve been able to keep making projects like these. I like to think I'm making the kind of weird, niche projects that the original Open Game License and SRD were meant to enable. This is going to be a lot of fun! I hope you love it!”

No generative A.I. is used in the production of Steve’s projects ever.

Nibblemancy is live now on Kickstarter and runs through May 16.

A flying cupcake with wings.