Not Too Late For Fate: Not Yet Enters Final Days of Crowdfunding

Don’t let this ship pass you in the night!

Not Too Late For Fate: Not Yet Enters Final Days of Crowdfunding
Don't let this ship pass you in the night! Not Yet is leaving Kickstarter soon!
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Love. Fate. Dice.

These concepts go hand-in-hand and are the basis for Not Yet, a romantic duet TTRPG from Taylor Navarro and Poorna M. Roll your Fate Dice and determine if you meet the love of your life, or whether you are ships passing in the night, left with nothing more than a Token of your impending affection and a yearning to get to the next scene.

Inspired by the yellow umbrella from How I Met Your Mother (TV) and the romantic tension from Star-Crossed (Bully Pulpit Games), Not Yet leads two players hand-in-hand through a series of romantic vignettes, allowing them to craft the romantic comedy or drama of their dreams.

High praise from @Superdillin on X

Funded in under 4 hours, Not Yet is entering its final stretch of crowdfunding over on Kickstarter. It’s not too late when it’s fate, but this is your last chance to grab a physical copy of the game, as there are no further print runs planned for the game beyond initial fulfillment. Excited to get a physical copy? Well after recently hitting their third stretch goal, all backers from the PDF only tier upwards will receive an audiobook copy of the game with their pledges, read by Aaron Catano-Saez, of All My Fantasy Children and The Darkness at the Brink of Ohio fame.

There’s still plenty in store for backers of this intimate two-player TTRPG. The team is closing in on their fourth and final stretch goal, which not only grants a financial bonus to the core team and voice actor, but introduces two new designers, Nathan Blades and Valiant Dorian, alongside editor Armaan Babu, to bring in some new settings to spice up the game play. Backers with tiers supporting digital only stretch goals will receive additional material, allowing them to roleplay a love story set in sci-fi, regency, or superhero genres.

Additionally, there’s still time on a social media stretch goal! Upon receiving 100 RTs, creative lead Taylor Navarro has promised all backers from the PDF Only tier up a sneak preview of the game’s Character Creation section, including a bonus magazine-style quiz titled “What Determination Tag Are You?”

With an audiobook, bonus content, and rumors of actual plays on the horizon, be sure you don’t miss out on the love Not Yet has to offer!