Online Event Brings New Pathfinder to New Players

With a remastered edition, r/Pathfinder2e hosts Beginner Box Days for new players to begin their next adventure

Online Event Brings New Pathfinder to New Players
This is a community submitted press release

If you’ve ever wanted to try Pathfinder Second Edition but had trouble finding a game, there is hope. Beginner Box Days is a week of gaming using Paizo’s Beginner Box for Pathfinder Second Edition. 

Starting on April 13, 2024, new players can try out Pathfinder Remastered for free as experienced gamemasters guide them through two levels of monsters, traps, and puzzles. Players can delve through the dungeon using a provided pregenerated character, or create their own. The box is designed to slowly introduce players to core game concepts, increasing in complexity and difficulty until they reach a climactic final menace. The event is tailored to connect players all across the world and give them an opportunity to try out the award winning system until April 21.

This is the third annual event aimed at bringing new players to the TTRPG hobby. The first Beginner Box Day in 2022 was a huge success, followed in 2023 by the first week-long expansion. Both events boasted over 300 players and 60 gamemasters running over 100 tables of the starter adventure: Menace Under Otari. The first event also coincided with the release of Paizo’s deluxe Foundry VTT module release, and a generous donation enabled every GM to secure a free copy of it. 

“Last year, the Beginner Box sold out worldwide, but thanks to our event, players were still able to experience it,” said lead organizer and r/Pathfinder2e mod Pete Zupan. “Pathfinder was remastered for its new license, and this year we’ll be focused on helping players learn that edition of the game under the moniker: Age of the ORC.”

In 2023, information leaked that Wizards of the Coast was revoking their long-standing Open Gaming License. They have since released Dungeons & Dragons under Creative Commons, however, the move prompted several companies to join together and create the Open RPG Creative (ORC) License. Paizo, makers of the award winning Pathfinder and Starfinder tabletop roleplaying games, have begun releasing reworked versions of their materials sans-OGL monsters and mechanics. Player Core and GM Core were released earlier this year, and Monster Core will be available later this month. The Beginner Box is also now available in physical and PDF form using the new remaster ruleset, and the Foundry VTT module is slated to be updated before the event.

"The Pathfinder Beginner Box is the best way to get started playing Pathfinder, and Beginner Box Days are a wonderful way for the community to come together and start new adventures!" Rue, Marketing and Media Specialist at Paizo, said regarding the event, "We appreciate the time, energy, and love put into this event by the community, and are excited to see it continue."

Gamemaster table registration is open now using RPGChronicles. Beginning April 5th, players can sign up for tables displaying availability in their local time zone. Because this event is online, there is no limit to the number of GMs who can register, only how many seats are open to play.

Players can find a game, or gamemasters can register a table at, or join the r/Pathfinder2e Discord at!