Over 90+ Brand New Heist-Themed TTRPGs!

DriveThruRPG’s Annual Game Jam Steals the Hearts of the TTRPG Community!

Over 90+ Brand New Heist-Themed TTRPGs!
Art by Kayla Cline
This is a community submitted press release.

This year, PocketQuest, DriveThruRPG’s Annual Game Jam, challenged over 90 publishers to create a game from the ground up in under 25 pages with the theme of Heists! Multiple creatives took part in the event, which had its own set of guidelines that they had to meet in order to be a part of the final results. This helped push creativity, ultimately making a pocket-size TTRPG in two months' time. 

This year, DriveThruRPG partnered with Storytelling Collective. Storytelling Collective is an online learning program designed for creatives. They believe the future of storytelling is immersive, interactive, interdisciplinary, and inclusive. Their courses are engaging, actionable, and affordable, tailored to creatives just starting out or venturing into something new. Partnering with Storytelling Collective not only meant more promotional opportunities for PocketQuest participants, but much more. 

“Absolutely thrilled we finally partnered with Storytelling Collective,” Meredith Gerber, Partner Relations Manager said. “Their ability to help us support new and veteran creators was so magical. The excitement of PocketQuest from our community keeps growing and I am glad Storytelling Collective is along for the ride with us.”

Art by Kayla Cline

To get started, DriveThruRPG offered a Starter Kit packed with templates, social media graphics, and guidelines for participants. While the templates were optional, it gives new creatives something to start with. DriveThruRPG also offered a few webinars for using their site, marketing, as well as office hours for anyone to ask 1:1 questions. 

Storytelling Collective offered a massive package of freebies including webinars, worksheets, downloads, and a free art pack created by Storytelling Collective’s Kayla Cline. Storytelling Collective also scheduled Co-Working Sessions as well as a Feedback Forum. 

"PocketQuest was an incredible experience for Storytelling Collective this year and we were over the moon to be a part of it,” Kayla Cline, Creative Producer and Comics Director at Storytelling Collective said. “Our team was constantly thrilled and impressed by the community's exuberance for creation and willingness to learn and absorb anything we threw their way throughout the month. Everyone involved should be proud of all of the hard work and positive collaboration they did with this PQ, and we cannot WAIT to see the final results!"

Publishing Partners earn badges to collect throughout the creation and promotion. Some badges are earned by completing the challenge to having someone run an actual play of their game. While creators weren't required to use the templates, they did have a specific set of rules for this game jam:

  1. The game — mechanics, fiction, and everything needed to play — had to fit within 25 pages. 
  2. It must be about heists, in whatever way they interpreted the theme.
  3. It had to be their system or a system with an open third-party license.
  4. Could not submit a game with AI Art or AI Writing involved anywhere in the process.

“The community is really why we love doing this every year,” Gerber said. “They’re wildly supportive of one another, they give advice and feedback in such a constructive way, and cultivate a welcoming space for new partners. Making your first game can be absolutely daunting, but having the opportunity to work and grow together is something so very special.”

Check out all the games on DriveThruRPG’s website available for you to try out right now.

Art by Kayla Cline