Passengers is a new rules-light TTRPG unlike any you've played

Defeat the corruption in the Hereafter, a dream world where you are piloted by lost souls in this no-fail, storytelling game!

Passengers is a new rules-light TTRPG unlike any you've played
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You're from The Now, the real world. Passengers are souls from the Hereafter, a place that lays ontop of your world like a delicate veil of ethereal velvet. When you fall asleep, they use your dreams to pilot your body in this dream world to fight the corruption.

You can't fail in Passengers

Inspired by many great short-form TTRPGs like Ghost/Echo or Laser&Feelings and storytelling games like PbtA, Passengers aims to present simple ways to create Scenes with an action selection system inspired by The Divide, the roll & write game Passenger's release is partnered with.

Whenever a Scene is triggered narratively, then all involved players throw 2 white d6s and 1 black d6. They must then select 2 actions from their character sheet by choosing 2 out of the 3 rolled dice which represent the column where the action has been written in (1-2 on the dice represent the left column, 3-4 the middle and 5-6 the right).

The actions chosen will create a reactive narrative the player will describe. As players take actions, the story will unfold with the help of the Game Master.

Character Creation

When you start a game of Passengers, the Game Master will create the first Scene with their own character and be the first to act (throw dice). Once their action is done, character creation starts.

Players will have 6 Character Points to spend on buying actions and outcomes from a list (they all cost 1 CP each). They'll be choosing from Exertion (combat abilities), Mystery (Investigation and rogue-ish abilities), Moxie (Personality abilities) and Unforeseen outcomes. They must then inscribe these new abilities on any column they want on their character sheet, making some important abilities to their character tucked under a specific roll (If you write melee attack on the first column, then you may only attack on a 1 or 2 on any of the 3 rolled dice).

Black die abilities and Unforeseen outcomes.

You may use the black die you rolled as previously described, but you may also use it for special black dice abilities. If you do so, you place the black die in the dark space under the ability and resolve it. But, next time you roll, you must choose an Unforeseen Outcome and work it in to your narrative, which makes selecting them in character creation important.

Meaningful Actions

This is a system that replaces experience points. Whenever you make a meaningful action, which is whatever the players at the table and the game master decide that is, you get an XP. Getting these will help you go up certain tracks on your character sheet and gain new abilities or luck dice.

Discover the Hereafter

As you explore the Hereafter and help (or not!) the Passengers and the other denizens of this dreamworld, you'll have 4 dreams (4 sessions) to level up and solve the corruption problem of this land.

This game was created for the release of Ghost Gate Chronicles part 1 : The Divide, a roll & write game using the dice and column mechanic, by Ritual Cuts, the ttrpg sublabel of Invisible Temple Games.