Pitting Your Love Story Against the Whims of Fate: Not Yet is the Game You Want for Date Night

It's not too late when it's fate!

Pitting Your Love Story Against the Whims of Fate: Not Yet is the Game You Want for Date Night
From the mind of Taylor Navarro, your love story gets the cover art it deserves by Raya Sarkar
This is a community submitted press release.

Led by Taylor Navarro with additional game design by Poorna M, cover art from Raya Sarkar, and editing by Armaan Babu, Not Yet will be crowdfunding on Kickstarter from February 29th up to March 29th, 2024.

It's happened to the best of us. Characters get you invested, you ship them HARD with That Person. And then you watch as writers (or Fate) keep them, and you, waiting.

Hooked. You want them to find one another. You want it to happen. You need it to happen. And Oh. My. Gods, when it does... Well.

Don't you want to tell that story? Not Yet is the game for you! 

Inspired by the just missed them and right person, wrong time tropes from How I Met Your Mother [TV] and the tense romantic plot generation of Star Crossed [TTRPG], as well as a real life love story; Not Yet is the TTRPG embodiment of that delicious anticipation before two protagonists who are meant to be—are allowed to be.

This GMless two-player TTRPG uses dice matching to help you gauge whether Fate is on the side of love. Not Yet allows you to tell the tale of two people battling destiny to meet and fall in love over the span of months, years, or even an entire lifetime.

Character creation in Not Yet is a mix of describing two characters and what matters to them, the object they’re weirdly attached to. You know these people. You love them. You want good things for them. And so, you choose for them a Determination tag like Bold, Destined, Fated, Forgetful, and Resolute, each with its own mechanic with which players can influence Fate.

Your story then unfolds in a series of vignettes: five Build Up scenes and a Finale. As you and your partner roleplay or narrate your way through the will-they-won’t-they tale of romance, a couple of things might happen : 

  • You might finally have some sympathy/understanding for writers who make you wait.
  • Your dice rolls may allow your characters to meet your person—or perhaps, Not Yet.