Pryde Gaming Launches Open Beta for Dark Stars 1st Edition

Pryde Gaming announces the open beta of Dark Stars.

Pryde Gaming Launches Open Beta for Dark Stars 1st Edition
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Washington D.C., March 5th – In a groundbreaking move for tabletop gaming, Pryde Gaming, under the visionary leadership of CEO Alex Pryde, proudly announces the open beta of Dark Stars.

This game heralds a new era, where diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, and maturity are not just ideals but foundations that shape the gaming experience. Dark Stars is more than a game; it's an invitation to explore, imagine, and partake in a universe where every player's presence matters.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

Pryde Gaming's mission is to craft games that reflect the world's rich tapestry, ensuring that every player feels represented and valued. Dark Stars is a testament to this commitment, featuring an expansive universe teeming with 16 distinct species, each with its unique lore and culture, ensuring players can find a character they resonate with.

Accessibility and Engagement

Understanding the importance of accessibility, Dark Stars has been meticulously designed to welcome newcomers without sacrificing depth for seasoned players. The game introduces a fluid class system and a novel background creation system, offering unparalleled customization and flexibility. With 5 classes, 2 subclasses, and 3 disciplines each, totaling 30 ways to play, alongside 19 origins, Dark Stars ensures your adventure is truly your own.

A Universe Unveiled

The Ionus Galaxy, set within the Dark Stars Omniverse, is a sandbox of millions of worlds, each star a story waiting to be told. The game's vehicle system, encompassing ground, air, water, and space travel, along with vehicle customization options, ensures that exploration is as limitless as the universe itself. New weapon mechanics further enrich the gameplay, providing players with innovative tools to navigate the challenges of the cosmos.

Join the Movement

The open beta of Dark Stars is not just an opportunity to experience the game but to contribute to a movement that champions a more inclusive, engaging, and innovative future for tabletop gaming. Pryde Gaming invites you to join this journey, to explore the unknown, and to help shape the future of gaming. Participants are encouraged to sign up for the open beta, where the adventure into the Ionus Galaxy awaits.

For more details on Dark Stars and the open beta, please contact:
Alex Pryde
CEO, Pryde Gaming