Random Realities: Revelations for the Roving Raconteur

A unique zine with 60+ oracle results per page to bring your solo RPG games to the next level.

Random Realities: Revelations for the Roving Raconteur
Credit: Cezar Capacle
This is a community submitted press release.

This zine works as a universal oracle for all of your solo RPG needs, comprising 60+ oracle results on each of its pages. With a single 2d6 roll, a page flip, or a button click, you will be instantly inspired to envision worlds, locations, scenes, people, creatures, settlements, items, and much more.

If you are familiar with oracle decks for solo play, the principle is pretty much the same. Instead of flipping through the book to find the right table, you have a collection of results that allow you to, in a glimpse, decide many details about the situation you are in. NPCS, quests, rewards, wilderness exploration, encounters, monsters, it's all right there.


A world in every flip: Instead of having a single table on each page, you have a result from 60+ tables on every single one of the 36 pages.

10 different categories: create anything, from locations to people, from quests to creatures, from scenes to whole worlds.

Roll dice inside the PDF: a clever system allows you to simply click on the dice or on any category title, and the PDF leads you to a new random page.

Original files: at the €8 tier, you have access to the original files in Canva and spreadsheet formats for you to customize and create your own oracles.

Get unstuck: the results not only serve the creation of elements, but they also help you answer the most crucial question when playing solo/coop/improv, "What happens next?" With entries for complications, advantages, creature actions, world reactions, story progress, you have a myriad of tools to make sure your scenes and your narrative move forward in colorful ways.

Credit: Cezar Capacle

How to use

The idea is very simple: roll d66 (2d6, using one number as decimals and the other as units) to determine your page, and instantly access a unique combination of results from 60+ tables (the dice results are in the bottom right corner, along with a d4 and a d12 as well).

Don't feel like rolling dice every time? Simply flip the zine to a random page if you have a print copy, or click on the dice to go to another page.

Wait... click on the dice??

Yup! If you are using the PDF version, you can simply click on the dice (or on the title of any category) and it will take you to another random page! It is pretty magical!

Random Realities is crowdfunding through March 8.