Relict Kickstarter Hits Goal, Launches Show

The free TTRPG system from a one-person studio funded its adventure books in one day, and launched an actual-play miniseries with Australian show Sounds Like Adventure.

Relict Kickstarter Hits Goal, Launches Show
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Seeking to fund a starter kit and a series of adventure modules, free game Relict RPG launched a Kickstarter on February 26th that reached its initial goal in less than a day.

Relict has gained fans through its extensive character creation options, unique injury-driven damage system, and commitment to keeping the system free. The entire core game is available on free of charge, and new content is being added regularly. Houndsong Games has stated that Relict will be placed under an open gaming license (such as Paizo's ORC) in the near future, freeing it up for other creators to develop Relict-powered or Relict-derivative content without worry.

This month's Kickstarter campaign isn't over, with a series of stretch goals running well past the initial fundraising target. Each new milestone adds an extra adventure module to the kit for all backers. With the Kickstarter clock not even at the halfway mark, two such adventures have already been added, and a third is over 60% funded.

Title: Ten Silvers Bent. Subtitle: An Eldritch Horror Adventure. Supertext: Stretch Goal Unlocked!

The first unlocked adventure, Ten Silvers Bent, is a tie-in with the actual play series Houndsong co-created with popular Australian podcast Sounds Like Adventure to promote the campaign. In the show, the SLA cast is GM'd by Relict creator C. D. Corrigan as they learn the system and try to stop an eldritch catastrophe. In the backer's version of the adventure, tables will be able to unravel the mystery themselves and explore the many alternate paths and unexpected wrinkles in the quest that the cast didn't encounter.

The first three episodes of Sounds Like Relict: Ten Silvers Bent are already available, with more posting weekly.

Title: Boudica Bookwyrm's Lumbering Library. Supertext: Stretch Goal Unlocked.

Stretch goal #2 took a lighter tone. Boudica Bookwyrm's Lumbering Library promises a more whimsical adventuring experience, citing works like Studio Ghibli and the Legend of Zelda games as points of inspiration. In this adventure, players are tasked with helping Boudica, an elderly dragon with a hoard of books and scrolls, who makes her lair on the back of a gigantic walking construct. The catch? The construct never stops wandering, and has a penchant for walking straight into trouble.

Title: Trouble on the Mountain. Subtext: Stretch Goal #3. The image is superimposed by several chains.

Over half funded at time of writing, the third module announced is Trouble on the Mountain, which pits players against an ever-growing horde of undead besieging an isolated mountain village. Players will defend the final shelter in the town center by night, and race to rescue survivors, secure useful resources, and ultimately uncover the cause of the undead by day—hopefully before a night brings a challenge they can't overcome.

The Relict RPG Kickstarter will run until March 27th.

Listen to the first episode of Ten Silvers Bent below: