Reunite Lost Civilizations with Cloudbreaker Alliance: Digital PDF Released!

Cloudbreaker Alliance, the "counter-apocalypse" Tabletop RPG, is now available digitally! This Core Rulebook, featuring stunning anime-inspired art, will be published in hardcover by Japanime Games in Q3 2024.

Reunite Lost Civilizations with Cloudbreaker Alliance: Digital PDF Released!
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In a world surrounded by towering cloud walls, players become cloudbreakers, exploring beyond these walls to  uncover lost civilizations and protect the inhabitants from monstrous threats. Created by CJ Leung, known for his  YouTube channel Cool History Bros, he utilizes his extensive knowledge of world history to create an iconoclastic  “Star Trek Meets Final Fantasy” science fantasy setting. 

Cloudbreaker Alliance offers an original, fast-paced 2d6 ruleset that simplifies combat with a single roll. The game's  strategic combat system allows players to neutralize enemies in creative ways. Another distinctive feature is the  Destiny’s End Point (DEP) system, where characters become legendary NPCs after fulfilling their destiny. 

Game Masters are also given a separate toolkit of rules that allow them to drastically affect their campaign's ending.  Instead of opting for the cliched ending of sealing a dark lord until its next return, for a hefty increase of DEP, GMs  may allow their players to activate the “Voice of the People” option and attempt to end the great evil once and for all.  It allows the PCs to draw upon the strength of their bonds with each other and all the NPCs they have befriended  through the campaign and convert them into a pool of Spirit Tokens, resources they can use to activate their special  features. Think of Dragon Ball’s Spirit Bomb! 

A conversion chart for 5E adventures and monsters is also provided on the CBA website, so players who own 5e  supplements can reuse materials they already own.

Learn more on the Japanime Games site.