Tabletop RPGs Have Evolved! Era: Kaiju lets you play as one of these magnificent creatures...

Become a team of gigantic monsters, defending your shared territory from Alpha Kaiju who might threaten it!

Tabletop RPGs Have Evolved! Era: Kaiju lets you play as one of these magnificent creatures...
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Did you ever want to stomp around the open wastes, making the ground shake?
Era: Kaiju explores what it's like to be a gigantic monster through a simple but evocative Tabletop RPG that is on Kickstarter now!

A small book with large possibilities, on Kickstarter now!

You are a Kaiju, who awoke recently and began roaming the world. Everywhere is covered by small creatures known as "Humans", and you will have to work to avoid angering them if you want to survive.

What will you do to defend your territory and live happily? Era: Kaiju explores what life would be like as a Kaiju - you'll have to work together to fight off Alphas that try to take your territory and threaten any nearby Humans, because you are smaller and less powerful Kaiju!

The Kickstarter campaign, which launched on 23rd February and ends 17th March, will print Era: Kaiju, the latest game from award-nominated designer Ed Jowett. The Pocket Rulebook contains everything you need to play: a brief introduction to the world, complete character creation (including a selection of forms!), 25 Kaiju powers, the complete Era d10 Rule Set or gameplay and GM advice for running the game!

The beautifully laid-out book contains artwork and information in equal measure!

Running on the critically-acclaimed Era d10 Rule Set, Era: Kaiju offers a fast pace of play with plenty of excitement and challenges to overcome! As smaller Kaiju, you must face Alphas and risk injury from Humans if they ever decide you're more of a liability than a boon...!

A bonus game is just one of the announced Stretch Goals! Click here for more info.

The Pocket Rulebook is currently on offer with one bonus Digital game, Era: Lyres, with the expectation that another will be added soon.

As the campaign was funded after only a few minutes, several more Stretch Goals have been announced, including premade sessions and a bestiary! Details can be found in the project's third update.


The campaign ends in under 3 weeks on 17th March. Back it before it's too late!