Roll for Combat Releases Battlezoo Eldamon Today

A Monster Training and Elemental Magic Book for Pathfinder 2nd Edition and 5E

Roll for Combat Releases Battlezoo Eldamon Today
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Battlezoo Eldamon, a monster training and elemental magic RPG supplement for 5E and Pathfinder 2nd edition, is now available in PDF format from Roll for Combat at!

Eldamon are ancient creatures slightly out of phase with reality that like to meld into items, creatures, and locations. You can add them seamlessly into any game, allowing characters to interact with and collect them without disrupting the established adventure. Think PokémonDigimonMonster RancherMonster Sanctuary, and all the other games from this genre, but now available in two of the most popular tabletop RPGs!

Anyone can befriend and collect eldamon and have them fight playful mock duels with each other, but only the eldamon trainer class can phase them into our world in order to use them in combat against deadly threats. 

Meanwhile, as an elemental avatar, you have a powerful but quiescent eldamon melded into you for a long period of time, gaining the strange abilities eldamon possess for yourself. Think Avatar: The Last AirbenderGolden SunStormlight Archives, or any of many other books, shows, and games with elemental magic systems. 

Battlezoo Eldamon is perfect for monster trainers and elemental magic lovers of all ages. 
If an adult builds the character, the rules for playing an elemental avatar are simple enough to be a great way to introduce children to the game but deep enough to offer a wide variety of combinations for strategic players. With 162 eldamon and more than 300 elemental powers, Battlezoo Eldamon encompasses a whole magic system of its own, with more powers than the number of spells in the 5E SRD and just shy of the number of normal spells in the Pathfinder 2nd edition Player Core.

Battlezoo Eldamon is something I’ve wanted to create for over 20 years. And after almost an entire year of testing, I’m excited to finally bring it to you. As one of the creators of Pathfinder 2nd edition and a master of game mechanics, Mark Seifter is the perfect person for the job!” said Stephen Glicker, Roll for Combat’s Publisher.

“I’m especially excited for the way that Battlezoo Eldamon is simple and accessible enough to play with your children, while still deep enough to excite gamers of all ages, with a distinctive rotational playstyle encouraging you to use a variety of colorful special abilities. It’s easy to make a new eldamon, and the core that makes the system work could be transferred to another RPG without too much trouble, not just 5e and Pathfinder,” added Mark Seifter, Roll for Combat’s Director of Game Design.

The PDF for Battlezoo Eldamon is available today at The hardcover is expected to be released for 5E and Pathfinder 2nd Edition in August 2024, and the Foundry VTT module is expected to be released in April 2024 for both 5E and Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

Start on your journey to befriend all 162 eldamon today at!