Roll20 Announces Acquisition of Demiplane

Demiplane joins a growing suite of TTRPG (tabletop roleplaying game) offerings from Roll20 that include Roll20 Tabletop, DriveThruRPG, and Dungeon Scrawl.

Roll20 Announces Acquisition of Demiplane
This is a community submitted press release.

 Roll20, the online home for tabletop roleplaying games, today announced its acquisition of Demiplane, the best-in-class digital character management solution. Demiplane joins a growing suite of system-agnostic TTRPG (tabletop roleplaying game)  offerings that include Roll20DriveThruRPG, and Dungeon Scrawl. This move furthers the shared mission of connecting gamers and providing them with cutting-edge tools to bring their campaigns to life, both in-person and online.

Combining Roll20’s resources and reach with Demiplane’s technology dramatically expands the offerings for the over 15 million players, game masters, and game publishers using the combined platforms.  Known for its rapid rise as the ‘D&D Beyond for every other game system’, this acquisition enables Demiplane to become a universal character management solution for the tabletop roleplaying industry.

"Demiplane's streamlined yet powerful character builder and easily searchable compendium are deeply complementary to Roll20's growing ecosystem," said Ankit Lal, CEO of Roll20, who has led the company's acquisitions of DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Scrawl. "For users, we’re excited to get Demiplane’s technology into more hands by bringing it to a new audience and adding support for new systems. As a one-stop distribution channel, Roll20 supports creators and publishers with an increasing range of digitally-native game formats. Whatever the playing preference – PDFs, print-on-demand, VTT conversions, or digital sourcebooks on Demiplane – Roll20 has it covered."

"Since first starting Demiplane, our goal has been to introduce great tabletop games to new and existing players and game masters around the world. We’ve been able to do that for nearly a dozen game systems in over thirty countries thanks to our great team and publishing partners," said Demiplane Co-founder and CEO Peter Romenesko. "This partnership with Roll20 and DriveThruRPG supercharges several key strategic areas of focus for us. We’re looking forward to pushing into new territory together and are excited to embark on this next chapter for Demiplane."

Demiplane’s adapted sourcebooks will serve as a perfect complement to DriveThruRPG’s massive library of tabletop roleplaying rulebooks, adventures, player guides, and more. In the long term, this acquisition paves the way for integrating Demiplane's platform directly into Roll20's Tabletop, bringing further depth and flexibility to in-person and online play.

Nothing is changing about how these platforms work today. Demiplane and Roll20 will remain separate tools, even as the companies combine. But we’re evaluating many integration possibilities, and would love your input! if you’d like to help shape the future of how these platforms integrate, please complete this short survey.