Rom Com Drama Bomb

Meet cute or meet your doom in this new over-the-top TTRPG zine.

Rom Com Drama Bomb
Credit: Elliot Davis
This is a community submitted press release.

Rom Com Drama Bomb is the latest release from designer Elliot Davis funding on Kickstarter this Valentine's Day. This asymmetric GM-less storytelling game for exactly 3 players will see players taking the role of two people who shouldn't fall in love and the evil villain who will stop at nothing to make sure they do. Like many of the films it's inspired by, the game takes place over 3 acts and 90-minutes—the perfect rom com length.

The team behind this project includes return collaborators Samantha Leigh, who will be editing, layout designer Brian Flaherty, and BE/HOLD, who has composed a one-of-a-kind hyperpop indie romance theme song heard in the campaign's video. Joining the team are J Strautman of Planet Arcana, who will be lending their talents to writing a villain playbook, and Anamnesis illustrator Victor Winter.

Black and white digitally painted illustration with pink accents. A supervillain works at a desk in a messy workshop on some electronics, illuminated by a lamp. A conspiracy board above them with the Rom Com Drama Bomb symbols. On the left half of the image are stacked displays of dioramas featuring iconic moments from romantic comedies.
Art by Victor Winter

"There were two kinds of movies that were always welcome watches with my family: cheesy romantic comedies and intense action films." says Davis, describing Rom Com Drama Bomb as a love letter to that combination of interests, poking fun at and celebrating these two genres.

Using mechanics of the Belonging Outside Belonging system and inspired by elements of Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast, players will use tokens to control their characters and the world of the game. With the addition of a 4-sided "Mood Die", players will have access to varying move sets throughout the 6 scenes of play depending on their character's mood.

Rom Com Drama Bomb will be printed as a ~28-page digest-sized (5.5” x 8.5”) full-color zine with a tentative release of July 2024. The campaign has a variety of reward tiers available for different levels of support starting at $10, including a limited DVD edition.

For a preview of gameplay, backers can check out Valentine's Day Specials from My First Dungeon and queeRPG.