Shoot footage, not guns! ARKVYR's guerilla filmmaker twist for Mothership 1E

"The coverage did not include filming the deaths of your crewmates."

Shoot footage, not guns! ARKVYR's guerilla filmmaker twist for Mothership 1E
Meet the Crew!
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Equipped with only a Shot List and your camera gear, attempt to document life in space and expose corporate atrocities while surviving the void’s unspeakable horrors.

"The coverage did not include filming the deaths of your crewmates."

ARKYVR is a film-documentarian toolkit for Mothership 1E where players put their lives and sanity on the line to make a movie in an alien infested kill zone. Assigned with a Shot List of footage deliverables; documentary crews will venture into dangerous locations to capture its sights, sounds, and stories. Players will choose what stories to follow and which moments to record. If an ARKYVR happens to survive their film shoot, they must decide how to distribute the footage. Some clients will pay a handsome price to cover up their dirty work while others will use it to lead a revolution.

How will you use your craft to shift the balance of power in the universe? Will you even live long enough to tell the story?

Written by Rhodrick Magsino and published by Alewood Games. After a successful run on Crowdfundr, in participation with Zine Month 2024, ARKVYR is now available for Pre-Order!


Solaracom approved on-boarding video for new ARKVYRs

Created by and in collaboration with industry filmmakers! ARKYVR is developing to be a 64-page A5 perfect bound zine . This supplement will feature:

  • Easy compatibility with existing Mothership modules
  • Authentic film protocols and on-set dynamics
  • New film production character classes, gear, and skills
  • Pre-production, production, and post-production character actions
  • Customizable post-production facility options for your ship
  • Experimental media library populated by local filmmakers to use in-game
  • Over 25 pages of randomized tables including filming conditions, capture failures, industry backgrounds, culture climates, and much more!

Corporate Propogandist or Investigative Reporter

Earning credits will keep your ship flying but how long can you feed the machine before it consumes you as well? If you manage to find other clients in the sector, you may have some leverage in what stories to film. But there are varying degrees of risk and reward should you venture outside the corporate umbrella. How will you navigate your survival? What stories will you document? Whose voices will you empower through your craft?

Find Truth in Treasure

Add depth to your world by finding legacy media formats instead of treasure (celluloid, magnetic tape, vinyl, audio cassette, laser disk). Restore their contents and uncover human stories that time forgot using Discoverable Media randomization tables. Some factions may pay a high price for the media you find during your travels.

Pre-Order now to access our Zine Month exclusives including your very own C-47. ARKVYR's BackerKit page closes at the end of Summer 2024, so get your gear before it's too late!