Something Sweet comes to Kickstarter with StoryBake!

Get ready for a game fresh from the oven!

Something Sweet comes to Kickstarter with StoryBake!
Art by Tyler Palma (@tylerpalmaillustrates)
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Have you ever wanted to work in a magical bakery that moves around the land bringing you to amazing places across the world fighting against evil the only way you know how–with the power of pastry? If so, here is have the answer to that very specific desire. 

StoryBake is a game designed by baker Dan Walter, a game about the magic of baking, the power of friendship and camaraderie, and having just a bit of a taste for adventure!

Get together with 3-5 of your friends to build your own bakery, fill it with your magical Bakers based on 10 different baking specialties, and explore the world, both the sweet parts and the bitter parts. 

StoryBake uses a system similar to Powered by the Apocalypse, using only 2 six sided dice. Dan was inspired by games like Brindlewood Bay, Monster of the Week, and Blades in the Dark. Combining a cozy, cottagey atmosphere, with conflict and combat. They were also inspired by the moves of Studio Ghibli, and TV Shows like Over the Garden Wall and The Great British Bake Off. And, of course, they were also inspired by their years in Pastry School down in North Carolina. 

A building with the sign "bakery" walks across the landscape on chicken legs. 3 bakers sit on its roof.
Art by Tyler Palma (@tylerpalmaillustrates)

There are a plethora of skills that help you interact with the world; like Bakin’ by the Book for when you need to crank out a bunch of product for your bakery; Followin’ Bread Crumbs, for when you need to look at a scene a little closer; or Take a Whisk, for when you need to do something a little whisky–I mean risky.

Much like in baking, the best way to learn and grow is through failure. You burn a cake once, you are much less likely to burn the next one. In StoryBake, the more you fail, the more you learn and gain levels, gaining new abilities, and becoming a better baker. 

Art by Sabe Torres

Dan has had the pleasure to work with a handful of amazing artists and writers to bring you this book and is excited to share their work with you!

Included with the game there are 8 pre-written stories with 8 accompanying recipes inspired by them! Dan worked with a diverse group of writers and recipe developers to help bring about a wide variety of sweets for you to bake!

In total the game will be about 80 pages, including the basic rules, the character Specialist sheets, the pre-written adventures and the recipes! 

There are also options for 5 extra recipes and adventures, a set of StoryBake D6s, and an apron with the logo for the StoryBake example bakery, the Tiny Ghost Chef Bakery! 

Our game mascot, The Tiny Ghost Chef

The Kickstarter is running from March 10th to April 20th! Check it out!