Explore the Neon Shadows in the 1980s: Street Wolves Gets a Turbo Boost

The year is 1987. Danger lurks in the neon shadows in the Savage Worlds setting Street Wolves: Turbo Edition on Kickstarter.

Explore the Neon Shadows in the 1980s: Street Wolves Gets a Turbo Boost
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The year is 1987. Danger lurks in the neon shadows. The only hope are the Street Wolves, investigators and problem solvers living on the edge. How far will they go in their battles against a fascist conspiracy, cults, corporate goons, Soviet spies, and drug cartels?

“If you aren't in on Street Wolves, you need to be paying attention. This rad setting oozes 80s flavor and bakes synthwave aesthetic right into the mechanics. Street Wolves is clever, robust, and beautiful." - Cassi Mothwin, TTRPG creator and winner of Dice Breaker’s Rising Star Designer award

Street Wolves is a pen-and-paper tabletop role playing game setting created by Paul Vincent Rudolph. It uses the popular Savage Worlds rule system, which uses a standard dice set along with playing cards. Street Wolves is recommended for 2 to 5 players.

Street Wolves was released as a PDF last year. Street Wolves: Turbo Edition is an upgraded version that will see it in print for the first time with an updated layout. Art, adventures, and thematic music can be added to the experience via stretch goals.

Street Wolves features plenty of thematic art and the vibes are baked right into the mechanics. There's Vapor, a mysterious phenomena that makes cities glow a colorful palette at night and give some people powers, Drive to track how close a Street Wolf is to falling off the edge, and Relationships which measures the human connections that keep them fighting. There's also plenty of retro tech to help flavor the game such as clunky laptops, pagers, and bag phones.

The Turbo Edition features a talented group of creators who are ready to work on the game including:

  • Candace aka Candace the Magnificent: Candace is a TTRPG creator, performer, and voice actor who is on board for writing an adventure.
  • Christian Nommay: Author of the Savage Worlds setting Titan Effect, Christian will also helm an adventure for a stretch goal.
  • Vince Kaufman: A Game Master and Player at Mayday Roleplay and Black Project gaming. He's ready to write the a full fledged campaign, "Dead Hand."
  • J Strautman: Is a touring musician, composer, game designer, podcaster, and ttrpg nerd. J is ready to compose custom music tracks.

The Street Wolves: Turbo Edition Kickstarter campaign will launch April 2nd and run for 30 days.

You can read more about Street Wolves on the Table Cat Games website, or follow along on Blusky, Threads, Twitter, or Facebook.