STRIGA: An Exploration-Focused RPG

An OSR game that focuses on exploration and player creativity -with rules for journaling.

STRIGA: An Exploration-Focused RPG
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You are Extractionists. You decided to delve deep below the ground, in the lost Spiral City.Many delve into the underground structures of the Spiral City, exploring ancient and magnificent places, remnants of a lost civilization, to find fortune and long forgotten magical artifacts. Many only find death, often at the hands of giant warlock creatures named “Strigae”.


STRIGA is a 44-pages Exploration TTRPG where you and your friends play as Extractionists, adventurers exploring the depths of a lost underground city, ruled by ancient giant warlocks known as Strigae.

Delve down in this OSR easy-to-learn RPG written by Novecento Manfredi with a focus on exploration and creativity!

If you enjoy exploring in videogames like Elden Ring, Bloodborne, or The Legend of Zelda:BOTW, if you enjoy literary works that focus on discovery like Made in Abyss - this game is for you!

STRIGA will go on a crowdfunding campaign May 23th 2024 on Kickstarter!


  • A rules-light d20 system that encourages problem-solving.
  • Fast character creation, featuring a class-less system, Starting Equipments, Background, and Titles.
  • A Journaling system that rewards players’ creativity, and encourages creative activities outside the game.
  • Lots of random tables!
  • Rules for Enemies and Boss Encounters.
  • Artworks from Novecento Manfredi, and artists Emanuele Parascandolo (Speed Republic, La Musica nel Sangue) Martina Chilardi and V.A. Metheio (MEKKAKONKRETE, Cocagne)
A brief look at STRIGA's character creation.

STRIGA's Kickstarter campaign starts on May 23rd, and will run for 15 days, with many possibilities of stretch goals including new enemies, and one-page dungeons.

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