Stuck in the roleplay doldrums

Inevitably, your table will fight and lose against the calendar.

Stuck in the roleplay doldrums
Photo by Hieu Vu Minh / Unsplash

It finally happened: my regular RPG group’s stellar weekly attendance rate fell victim to incompatible schedules. Our Masks: A New Generation campaign had stretched a good four months of meeting weekly—weekly!—to play at pretend teenage superheroes stumbling through both puberty and crime fighting. We were locked in, always engaged, and perhaps more excited to play than even I could sometimes muster. We had even scheduled a few day-long sessions so that we could cram seven or eight hours of roleplay, broken up only by meals. 

Winter gave way to spring, which melted into summer. And that’s where our troubles began. My GM and two fellow players are all British, and thus were constantly desperate for indoor distractions throughout the bitter cold months. Changing weather meant more brunches and meetups out in the meatspace, the thawing of the land mirroring a similar rebirth for everyone’s social life. Still, we held strong and met to throw dice and villains with a regularity that sometimes felt unbreakable. This is it, I thought. The RPG group that won’t fall apart at the first missed session.

The universe loves to prove a fool wrong.