Support two Solarpunk RPGs this July!

Hatchlings Games and TTRPGkids collaborate to offer optimistic explorations of the future through their Solarpunk RPGs, BOW & A Construct's Nature.

Support two Solarpunk RPGs this July!
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On July 9th, Hatchlings Games and TTRPGkids launch their Solarpunk journaling games on BackerKit simultaneously! Both explore an optimistic view of the far-future and are designed to accommodate players of all ages.

BOW is a solo or duet tabletop card game using the Carta system by Peach Garden Games. You play competitors in the annual Shoaling Festival, freediving for Old-World relics on your way to victory. Make it to four markers before your rivals to be crowned the winner and secure trade for your community for the year ahead.

As with Dragon Dowser - our first journaling card game - BOW evokes Studio Ghibli's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1985) and the beautiful indie video game, ABZU by Giant Squid.

Rulebook and card Mockups

A Construct's Nature is a solo-journaling TTRPG following the path of a newly awakened being in an overgrown world sparked with magic. Discover who your character is, uncover the land's mysteries, create connections in unexpected places, and explore what having a purpose can mean.

This game features an audio narrated slideshow that walks you through a physical 300+ page colorable journal with hand drawn illustrations, and it's repayable for multiple endings, meaning you can have many adventures from one game.

Rulebook mockup + hand drawn art from game

We've launched our projects on the same day, and if you back both at the physical pledge tier or higher, you'll get a set of free digital game copies from some of our other works! This includes Solar Mech Squad, Critter Mech Squad, and Ranger Mech Squad from TTRPGkids and Dragon Dowser from Hatchlings Games!

Support BOW here:

Support A Construct's Nature here: backerkit.comGet Ready for A Construct's NatureFrom TTRPGkids - Get Ready for A Construct's Nature