That Rug, a game of midnight investigations, launches on Kickstarter

An original TTRPG zine inspired by Goosebumps, Stranger Things, the mysteries of untamed suburbia, and children's play rugs.

That Rug, a game of midnight investigations, launches on Kickstarter
That Rug: A rules-lite RPG
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Drawing from classic tales of childhood mysteries and suburban paranoia, That Rug is an original, rules-lite RPG where a group of inquisitive kids investigates a supernatural threat in their own neighborhood.

Players collaboratively create the game world using one of those ubiquitous city-patterned rugs. Each rug, with its own patterns and layouts, is a rich, tactile way to portray the game world and provides a unique inspiration for story and character ideas.

That Rug is ideal for a one-shot game night. The rules are short and easy to learn, presented in an illustrated 16-page zine. The story is collaborative, with every player creating key characters and plots. And conflicts are resolved using simple and propulsive wagering mechanics, allowing your group to complete a story start-to-finish in a few hours.

The game is complete and tested. Kickstarter backers will receive a digital copy once the campaign finishes, and physical copies will mail out shortly after. In addition, the rules text is published under a Creative Commons license, giving brewers and designers freedom to adapt or repurpose the game!

Sample pages of That Rug
Sample pages from the game

About the publisher

That Rug is published by Critical Lit Publishing, an experienced publisher of indie TTRPGs, with multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns under their belt. Visit the campaign page for more information!