The 55: A Stylish Supplement for your Favorite Cyberpunk RPG

A slim colorful zine with 100's of character, locations, and narrative opportunities in a massive arcology full of wage theft and woe. Compatible with CY_BORG!

The 55: A Stylish Supplement for your Favorite Cyberpunk RPG
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A megablock of capsule apartments, ruined amenities, gangs, and mysteries. A city with The City. Some residents have never left. Some make things you cannot find anywhere else. Most are desperate. The corpos and cops call it Stack #95563. But everyone who lives here calls it...
Preview of the cover for THE 55 (work in progress)

THE 55 is a full colour 28 page zine describing an arcology tower, a habitation of tens of thousands within a city of millions. It is designed to be compatible with cyberpunk TTRPGs in general, and the CY_BORG RPG by Stockholm Kartell in particular.

The Kickstarter campaign for THE 55 begins on July 2nd and runs 2 weeks until July 16th. Backers can get early access to the supplement, as well as printed copies, pages from the notebook where THE 55 was conceived, and posters of the cover art.

THE 55 is the result of the #dungeon23 challenge from last year where everyday I wrote a new location, NPC, or other detail for this tower. Each page details a block of levels, each with 8-20 features such as new monsters, secret passages between floors, odd corporate suits, and factions looking to carve out space for themselves.