The Details of Our Escape

A creative collaboration between game designer Tyler Crumrine, comics artist Linnea Sterte, and multidisciplinary author Renee Gladman.

The Details of Our Escape
Credit: Possible Worlds Games; Art by Linnea Sterte
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The Details of Our Escape is a new tabletop roleplaying game from ENnie Award-winning game designer Tyler Crumrine, two-time Eisner-nominated comics artist Linnea Sterte, and Windham-Campbell Prize winner in fiction Renee Gladman. Played with a standard, 28-tile set of dominos instead of dice, players control a caravan of over 2000 people in search of a new home. What they're leaving and what kinds of strange & wonderful sights they encounter along their journey is up to you. Which party members continue all the way to the caravan's final destination, however, is up to fate.

The Details of Our Escape emerged from a digital residency funded by Possible Worlds Games & producing partner The Afterthought Committee. Linnea Sterte and Renee Gladman took turns creating art and fiction inspired by the other’s work over the course of 2022. With their worldbuilding in hand, Tyler Crumrine then spent 2023 designing a tabletop roleplaying game built around the pair’s work. In 2024, designer Hinokodo was brought on board to create the game's custom dominos. The resulting product is a TTRPG zine that's one part rulebook, one part artbook, and one part speculative fiction.

Credit: Possible Worlds Games

The Details of Our Escape will be published as a full-color, 30-50 page, 5.5x8.5" saddle-stitched zine with a tentative release in June of 2024. For ease of play, each copy will also come packaged with heavy-stock, cut-out domino sheets in a resealable bag. Optimized for 2-7 players without a game master, modifications and guidance are included for both solo and online play.

The campaign has only two reward tiers: a $20 print tier and a $10 PDF-only tier. A discounted $15 print tier was available for early backers during the campaign's first week.