The Island of Dr. Moreau TTRPG

A horror-romance TTRPG of mad scientists and transformation on an isolated island.

The Island of Dr. Moreau TTRPG
This is a community submitted press release.
Welcome to The Island of Dr. Nicholas Moreau. Please enjoy your stay. However, please note that there are sensitive scientific experiments going on, and anything observed or encountered is strictly confidential. Anyone breaching the Confidentiality Code outlined by Feral Laboratories, Inc., will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The doctor will see you now.

The Island Doctor of Moreau is a new mutagenic strain of asymmetric campaign TTRPG, now funding on Kickstarter till June 8th. The role of the GM is replaced by the near-omnipotent Dr. Moreau in their megalomaniacal quest to sculpt the bodies and minds of the island's unwitting guests. Inspired by messy online forum roleplaying in the early 2000s, this cast-driven game will have players controlling multiple characters, from struggling islanders to devious lab scientists, and even unexpected trespassers.

The Poet, The Builder, The Gardener, The Nephew, The Maid
Swap perspectives from a huge cast list of 44 playable characters.

Horror and... Romance!?

Experience despair as paternalistic scientist toy with your DNA, find love in the most unexpected places. Your connections are the only way to stay human, and more importantly, the only hope of escape. Don't say its futile not to try!

To track all the messy breakups and desperate hookups, IoDM is the first TTRPG to come with its own shipping chart, right on the back side of a gorgeous island map. All this inside a 300-pg hardback rule book with over 30 detailed transformation sequences.

An image that shows half of the map of the island and half of the character shipping chart.
Explore the island on the front side, start a polycue on the back side.


IoDM uses a deck of tarot cards or poker cards, with every character represented by their own unique card. Drawing cards is used for action resolution and also injecting characters into scenes. Like the TF TTRPG To Change, IoDM puts the focus on narrative integration with a simple system where the thinning deck will also represent players dwindling options. You can always ignore the cards to succeed, at a price.

IoDM isn't meant to last forever, you only have a limited amount of sessions before Dr. Moreau will perfect their serum and the islanders will have to attempt an escape. Each session can trigger new events, both island wide catastrophes and deeply personal character moments. Multiple ending to discover and multiple reskins into different genres make this a campaign game with a ton of replayability.

The PDF also includes universal stat blocks for all the characters, allowing play groups to easily adapt the IoDM campaign to any alternate roleplaying systems they enjoy. 

The Anger, The Delinquent, The Talent, The Guilt, The Actor
Becoming half animal isn't so bad. You'll just feel a little sting, at first...

Testimony from the Playtesters:

“This was a phenomenal ride. The premise is a classic staple of TF fiction done with absolute sincerity and very solid characterization all around, it lent itself very well to a pulpy, strange and gruesome psychological thriller - as well as a horny social sim for turning into animal people. VERY fun, especially if you're willing to get fucked up and a little sad w it. We pushed a dog man in a spike pit /10”

-Crowly, artist and writer of We Live Forever and We Love to Live.

“Few games, across my over two decades of role playing experience, have been as harrowing, as emotionally impactful or as utterly delightful as my first experience with IoDM. An unhinged, chaotic odyssey into the depths of despair and delight with rules simple, yet robust enough to facilitate a truly incredible experience! 10 out of 10, WOULD turn into a hot monster and eat a fascist again!”

-Duhad, professional TF writer 

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The Team

IoDM is written by Dr. Ulysses Duckler, along with contributions from Marquis Orias, Ewen Albright (Author of InaES, and editor), Darling Demon Eclipse (Author of Sapphicworld & Biotrophication), and Naomi Maratea (Writer for Wild Ties & CDR). Our artists include returning IoDM favorites Arania and Fletch (formerly Emerwyn), as well as Mel Echavarria (Artist for To Change), Angrboda, Bunkka, BlackSheepTFs, Redacted, Michel0dy (Artist for Wild Ties). Additional non-TF by art by Winter Skye, Bianca Gazzingan, and Snowy. Internal layout is also done by Angrboda.