TTRPG Charity Auction

Jesthehuman is hosting a TTRPG charity auction with support from 19 creators to support Save the Children.

TTRPG Charity Auction
This is a community submitted press release.

In response to the ongoing genocide in Palestine, Jesthehuman is hosting a TTRPG charity auction with support from 19 creators to support Save the Children’s “Children’s Emergency Fund.” Save the Children's team in the occupied Palestinian territory has been working around the clock, prepositioning vital supplies to support people in need, and working to find ways to get assistance into Gaza. In Egypt, Save the Children is partnering with the Egyptian Red Crescent to send supplies to the Gaza strip as soon as a safe passage for aid across the border is established.

The auction launches Monday, July 1 at 8 a.m. PST and offers 24 auction items and packages totaling over $2,100 in fair market value. The auction will collect bids until Monday, July 22 at 11:30 p.m. PST with a fundraising goal of $3,000. Packages include items like handmade dice sets, TTRPG hardcover books, fantasy scented candles, and more.

Below is a list of all auction packages:

·         Custom handmade 8-piece dice set commission from DirgesingerDice (one of two packages)
·         Fantasy TTRPG Character Commission from ErenAngiolini
·         Hard cover copy of ECOPUNK: 2044 TTRPG from Plantbasedriot
·         Storybook inspired chonk d20 from Needmore_dice
·         Custom song from Sneakernet (one of two packages)
·         Candles from Packpizzles Candles
·         Character art commission from Hurmly (one of two packages)
·         Handmade custom notebook/sketchbook from Paladinosaur_
·         Hardcovers of Tales of the Valiant RPG: Player's Guide & Monster Vault from Zachtypes_
·         7-piece handmade dice set from TheGoldenGorgon (one of two packages)
·         Rainbow Tiefling Horns from TheShadySail
·         Handmade dice crown from GreenMerdragon
·         Walnut Dice Grimoire from BTAWorkshop (one of two packages)
·         Healing Potions from StarShinobi (one of two packages)
·         Pathfinder spell cards from Alderdoodle (one of two packages)
·         Softcover of Gravemire TTRPG from LoneLamplighter
·         Indie TTRPGs bundle from aGhostofEli, ThePatEdwards, Okayest__DM, and LoneLamplighter

Those who are unable to bid on auction items are encouraged to support Save the Children through jesthehuman’s July Charity Stream efforts. They will be hosting a charity stream on Monday, July 8 starting at 5:30 PST on twitch and YouTube. The first $300 in donations will be matched by Bogus Cheesecake and GothHoblin.

In addition to supporting these Save the Children fundraisers, supporters are encouraged to visit these additional resources to help those affected in Palestine.

·         Operation Olive Branch has accumulated hundreds of GoFundMes for people trying to escape Gaza
·         eSims For Gaza Purchasing eSims allows people within Gaza to connect to the outside to communicate with their families and also to show what’s happening within Gaza
· Help the Palestinian People with a Click. Each click is turned into a donation to support UNRWA
·         Feminine Hygiene Kits for Gaza With the Asad Sisters The Pious Projects provides hygiene products to Gaza's women
·         Ceasefire Now  Email your representatives

Those interested in creating a news piece, blog post, TikTok/YouTube video, or any other promotional pieces about the charity auction who need additional information should reach out to Jes via Twitter DM or email.

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