TTRPGs for Palestine via itch charity bundle launches

Jesthehuman is hosting a TTRPG charity bundle alongside 354 community creators to support Medical Aid for Palestinians.

TTRPGs for Palestine via itch charity bundle launches
This is a community submitted press release.

In response to the ongoing genocide in Palestine, Jesthehuman is hosting a TTRPG charity bundle alongside 354 creators to support Medical Aid for Palestinians who work for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees. They provide immediate medical aid to those in great need, while also developing local capacity and skills to ensure the long-term development of the Palestinian healthcare system.

The bundle launched today and offers over 640 TTRPGs, TTRPG supplements, and art packs worth $2,673 for a donation of $10 or more to support Medical Aid for Palestinians. The bundle will collect donations until Sunday, June 30 with a fundraising goal of $50,000. Included games like Wanderhome, Clean Spirit, and OKcyrptid can be previewed in advance of purchase on the bundle page among the hundreds of donated submissions. 

This itch bundle was originally slated to collect donations the month of March, but after experiencing communication delays from itch, Jes created a similarly named project: TTRPGs for Palestine via tiltify. The project collected nearly 200 TTRPGs from creators on sites like Itch, DriveThruRPG, DMsGuild, and even unreleased projects in Google Docs and bundled them together using Google Sheets for a $15 donation to Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. In total, the bundle raised $33,000 to help provide Palestinians with immediate relief, including providing essential medical supplies, food, medical treatment, clean water, and other necessities for families affected by the ongoing genocide in Palestine. “Neither bundle would have happened without the immense support of the TTRPG community,” said Jes. “These bundles wouldn’t be possible without the support of those who donated their TTRPGs, purchased the bundles, and spread the world. This is truly a community effort to support Palestine.”  

In addition to purchasing the TTRPGs for Palestine bundle, supporters are encouraged to visit these additional resources to help those affected in Palestine.

·         Operation Olive Branch has accumulated hundreds of GoFundMes for people trying to escape Gaza
·         eSims For Gaza Purchasing eSims allows people within Gaza to connect to the outside to communicate with their families and also to show what’s happening within Gaza
· Help the Palestinian People with a Click. Each click is turned into a donation to support UNRWA
·         Feminine Hygiene Kits for Gaza With the Asad Sisters The Pious Projects provides hygiene products to Gaza's women
·         Ceasefire Now  Email your representatives

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